sensory integration

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  1. sensory processing
    using the sense of touch

    • ex: petting a dog
    • feel fur
    • head
    • wet nose
    • ears
    • etc
    • realize it's a dog

    tactile defensiveness

    a condition in which there is a tendency to react negatively and emotionally to touch sensations. tactile sensations cause excessive emotional reactions, hyperactivity or other behavioral problems.
  2. sensory processing
    the sensation from the muscles and joints that tells brain when and how the muscles are contratcing or stretching, or being pulled or compressed. This enables thebrain to know where each part ofthe body is and how it is moving.

    ex: ????


    receptors in muscles, ligaments, andtendons that react to s tretching and contraction to relay feedback information.
  3. sensory processing
    pertaining to the inner ear receptors, the semicircular canals and otolith organs, that detect head position and movement as well as gravity

    ex: when the body moves, the head adjusts back to balance
  4. sensory processing
    the process responsible for the reception and cognition of visual stimuli

    ex: looking at an apple and recognizing the color, size, shape

    visiual discrimination

    the ability to match exact objects

    i.e. same vs. different
  5. sensory processing
    the process of hearing plays a significant role in the infants awareness of environment

    ex: hearing sound of bird chirping and reelating to a bird
  6. sensory processing
    the sense of taste

    ex: ability to distinguish the difference in sweet (sugar) and sour (lemon)
  7. sensory processing
    sense of smell

    ex: the smell of a lemon
  8. perceptual skills
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