chapter7 quiz 2 42-55

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  1. symbiosis
    2 organisms that live together in close partnership
  2. mutualism
    mutually benefial relationship
  3. commensalism
    no harm no benfit to each other
  4. parasitism
    host is harmed parasite benfits
  5. nonsymbiotic
    free-living relationship not required for survival
  6. synergism
    benefical relationship but not necccsary for survival
  7. antaganism
    free living organisms compete killing other free living organisms
  8. stages of growth curve
    • lag pharse
    • exponetial growth phase
    • stationary growth phase
    • death phase
  9. lag phase
    • flat period
    • period of adjustment for new cells
    • population spares
  10. exponentional growth
    • growth increase exponetially
    • cells reach maximum rate of cell division
    • continues to populate with adequate nutrient
  11. staionary growth
    • population enters survival mode
    • cells stop growing
    • rate of death balace multiplication
    • nutrients and oxygen decrease
  12. death phase
    • cells begin to die
    • curve dips downward
  13. direct or total cell count
    counting the number of cells in a sample micrscopically
  14. automated counting
    electrnically scans a cultures as it passes through a tiny pipette
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