Thyroid Gout Respiratory Quiz

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  1. Propylthiouracil
    irreversibly inhibits the deiodinase enzyme
  2. Levoxyl
    • Levothyroxine
    • T4-L-thyroxine
  3. Cytomel
    • Liothyronine
    • T3
  4. Tirosint
    Soft gel capsules new technology avoids heating during manufacturing, improved stability and reliable dosing
  5. Liotrix-1
    • Thyrolar-1
    • A 4:1 ratio of T4:T3 dose form
  6. Armour Thyroid
    A ratio of 4:1 of T4:T3 desicated pig thyroid
  7. Lugol's solution
    5% iodide and 10% potssium iodide
  8. Thyroshield KI
    • OTC 5% iodide and 10% potassium iodide
    • Oral solution approved by the FDA for radiological terrist attack use
  9. Thyro-Block
    • Indication: adjunctive therapy in hyperthyroid patients taking an anti thyroid drug
    • thyroid block in the case of radiation emergency
  10. Propylthriouracil (PTu)
    • #1 pharmaceutical agent responsible for liver transplantation
    • Indication hyperthyroidism, preparation for throidectomy or radioiodine therapy or patients in which surgery is contraindicated
    • MOA: inhibits iodide uptake and hormone biosynthetic iodination and T4 deiodination enzyme 5'-deiodinase
    • Preferred for thyroid storm
    • Drug of choice in pregnancy because it was thought it did not cross the placenta as readily as methimazole
  11. tapazole
    • Methimazole
    • Indication: hyperthyroidism, preparation for thyroidectomy or radioiodine therapy or patients in which surgery is contraindicated
    • MOA: inhibits iodide uptake and hormone biosynthetic iodination and T4 deiodination enzyme 5'deiodinase
    • Far less hepatotoxicity
  12. Iodotope
    • Indications: Hyperthyroidism and cases of select thyroid cancer
    • Ablating the thyroids tissue with radiation
    • Radioactive Na131I
    • Contraindicated in pregnancy and preexisting N/V
    • May take up to 2 months for effects to become apparent due to significant resrvoir
    • Avoid any idodide containing product since it wil decrease effectiveness of this agent
  13. Probenecid
    • Uricosuric agents are anionic at physiological pH---weak acids
    • INdications: prolongation of beta-lactam plasma concentrations, gout, gouty arthritis, hyperuricemia
    • MOA: uricosuric activity, prevents the renal proximal tubular reabsoprtion of uric acid, penicillins and cephalosporins---prevents renal tubular excretion
    • Prolonged effect of Tamiflu in flu pandemic
    • Not to be used in acute gout attacks
  14. Anturane
    • Sulfinpyrazone
    • Uricosuric agent
    • Indication: gout and gouty arthritis, antiplatelet agent
    • MOA: prevents renal tubular reabsorption of uric acid, also a COX inhibitor (basis for its use as an anto-platelet agent) inhibits prostaglandins decreased inflammatory effect
    • Inhibits CYP3a4
  15. Colchcine
    • Isolated from flowering plant seeds and corm of the lily family
    • Indications: Uniquie anti-inflammatory agent taht is largely effective only in gout, can be used to relieve pain of an acute attack or prophylactically, also some unlalbeled uses multiple schlerosis, cirrhosis and others
    • MOA: decrease granulocyte phagocytosis and prevents leukocyte migration and lactate production, decreases inflammatory response to deposited crystals and antimmitotic agent prevents spindle formation
    • Multiple efflux pumps can lead to drug resistance
  16. Zyloprim
    • Allopurinol
    • INdications: management of gout, management of patients with malignancies, calcium oxalate calculi
    • MOA: inhibits xanthine oxidase which is reponsible for the synthesis of urate from xanthine and hypoxanthine
    • Alloxanthine is the active drug that contributes to MOA
  17. Uloric
    • Febuxostat
    • Indications: management of gout
    • MOA: more selective inhibitor of xanthine oxidase which is responsible for th synthesis of urate from xanthine and hypoxanthine
  18. Krystexxa
    • Pegloticase
    • INjection for intravenous infusion
    • Recombinate DNA technology agent- a uric acid specific enzyme that has been covalently chemically modified with PEG
    • Indications: adult patients refractory to conventional therapies
  19. Proventil
    • Albuterol
    • Short acting agent
    • Beta2 activity
    • PO 30 mins onset
    • Inhalation 5 mins onset
    • Racemic mixture the other enatiomer contributes to the beta1 acitivty
  20. Xopenex
    • Levoalbuterol
    • Solution for inhalation
    • One enatiomer, have much less beta1 activity then the racemic mixture
  21. Brethine
    • Terbutaline
    • Short acting beta2 selectivity
    • SC onset 5 to15 mins
    • Main difference is the onset of action
    • PO 30 mins onset,inhalation onset 5 to 30 mins
  22. Maxair
    • Pirbutrol
    • Short acting beta2 selectivity
    • Inhalation use only onset 5 mins
    • Autohaler aerosol
  23. Tornalate
    • Bitolterol Mesylate
    • Short acting beta2 selectivity
    • Inhalation use only onset 2 to 4 mins
  24. Alupent
    • Metaproterenol Sulfate
    • Short acting beta2 selectivity
    • PO onset 30 mins
    • Inhalation onset 5 to 30 mins
    • Weakest beta2 potency
    • Tablets, syrup, solution for inhalation, aerosol
  25. Isuprel
    • Isopropterenol Sulfate
    • Short acting beta1=beta2
    • IV onset is immediate duration less than an hour
    • Inhalation onset 2 to 5 minutes
    • Most potent beta2 agonist available
  26. Adrenallin
    • Epinephrine
    • Short acting agent
    • No selectivity alpha=beta1=beta2
    • INhalation onset 1 to 5 minutes
    • SC onset 5 to 10 minutes
  27. D-- Ephedrine
    • Short acting agent
    • No selectivity alpha=beta1=beta2
    • PO onset 15 to 60 mins
    • IV onset immediate
    • SC onet greater than 20 mins
    • IM onset 10 to 20 mins
    • Natural product, other diasteromer is sudafed
  28. Serevent
    • Salmeterol
    • Long acting agent
    • BBW life threatening asthma related death is a possible with all long acting agonist
    • Inhalation powder
    • Beta2 selectivity 20 mins onset not used as a rescue inhaler
  29. Advair discus
    • Salmeterol and corticosteroid fluticasone
    • Long acting agent
    • Inhalation powder
  30. Symbicort
    • Budesonide and formoterol
    • Long acting agent
    • BBW life threatening asthma related death is possible
  31. Performist, Foradil Aerolizer
    • Formoterol
    • Nebulizer
    • 4 diasteromers treat as 4 different drugs
    • Also an inhibitor of mast cell mediators such as histamine and leukotrienes
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