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  1. anatomy of a fluke
    unsegmented flatworms, hermaphroidets
  2. where are trematodes found?
    near water
  3. trematodes examples
  4. do flukes have intermed hostts?
  5. best way to dx flukes?
    centrifugal sedimentation
  6. common ex of trematodes
    • fasciola hepatica
    • paragonimus kellicotti
    • alaria
    • nanophyetsu salmincola
  7. types of LA flukes?
    • fasciola hepitaca - liver fluke
    • fascioloides magna - deer liver fluke effects cows

    IH hosts snails
  8. what does fasciola hepatic effect?
    cattle, sheep, humans
  9. where is fasciola hepatica found?
    north east, texas, lousiniana, florida,
  10. intermed host of fascolia hepatica
  11. life cycle of fascolia hepatica
    snail - immature form leaves and encysts on water plants - ingested by DH - excyst - migrate thru intest wall - liver - bile duct
  12. pathology of fascolia hepatica
    migrate in liver for 6 to 8 weeks before maturing in bile duct. dmgs liver.
  13. CS of fiscolia hepatica
    weak, anemic, thin, bottle jaw
  14. what is bottle jaw and when is it seen?
    fascolia hepatica - edema in lower jaw dt hypoprotienemia
  15. what is hypoprotienanemia
    albumin is main protien in plasma. lack of it allows water to leave vasculature and ever intersistal space. = edema
  16. size of fascolia hepatica?
    • adult - 30x12mm
    • egg- huge (micron size)
  17. tx of fiscolia hepatica
    albendazole, clorsulon, ivemectin plus
  18. how to control fascolia hepatica?
    keep of marshy lands, mollusicides - kills snails
  19. what is paragonimus kellicotti?
    lung fluke
  20. what disease does paragonimus kellicotti cause?
    chronic lung disease
  21. what is paragonimus kellicotti DH
    wild animals, d and c too
  22. how man IH hosts does paragonimus kellicotti have?
    • 1snail
    • 2 crawfish
  23. whats the prepatient period of paragonimus kellicotti
    5-6 weeks.
  24. diagnosis of paragonimus kellicotti
    centrifugal sedimentation
  25. tx of paragonimus kellicotti
    panacur, droncit
  26. what does paragonimus kellicotti look like?
    gold egg. 90x50icrons
  27. Alaria is a typ eof?
    intest fluke
  28. who does alaria infect?
    dogs and cats
  29. how pathogenic is alaria?
    not very unless in large numbers
  30. life cycle of alaria?
    • IH-snail
    • IH2-tadpoles
    • -xport rats,snakes,birds
    • adults in dh- small intest
    • immature flukes - lungs
  31. dx of alaria
    fecal sedimentation
  32. tx of alaria
    • droncit
    • cestex
  33. nanophyetus salmincola is a type of
  34. how do you get nanophyetus salmincola
    eating salmon
  35. where do yo ufind nanophyetus salmincola
    north west us, canada, siberia
  36. nanophyetus salmincola can cause?
    gastro enterisit and death
  37. what CS does nanophyetus salmincola mimic?
  38. life cycle of nanophyetus salmincola?
    • 1snail
    • 2salmon
  39. how does dog get nanophyetus salmincola
    eating raw trout of salmon
  40. dx of nanophyetus salmincola
    sedi fecal
  41. What is another word for an unsegmented flatworm?
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