Toxic Substances

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  1. Toxic Effects
    Potency X Exposure
  2. Toxic Effect
    Any adverse response ina n orgnaism cuased by a chemical
  3. Potency
    The rate at which a chemcial causes an effect
  4. Exposure
    Contact with a chmical
  5. Dose
    The amount of chemicla required to produce the deleterious effect
  6. LD50
    The dose required to cuase death in 50% of exposed animals
  7. Acute Toxicity
    Ability to cuase harm as a result of a one-time exposure to a substance
  8. Chronic Toxicity
    Ability to cause harm via a repeated low-dose exposure over a long period of time
  9. Routes of Exposure
    • Oral
    • Dermal
    • Respiratory
  10. Synergism
    • The interaction fo two or more substances that produces an impact greater than the sum of their independent effects
    • 1+1=5
    • Smoking + anything
    • Hepatitis B/C and drinking
  11. Other Factors Determining toxicity:
    • Size
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Genetic Variation
    • Species
    • Developmental Status
    • Traditionally based on a 70kg male
  12. Remediation
    • Removie toxic from the environment (end of pipe stratgy)
    • incineration
    • filtration
    • sterilizaiton
    • chemcial treatment
  13. Cancer/Children
    • Cancer rates in children have been rising nearly 1% per year
    • Children ahve less fat than adults- less of a toxic sink
    • children have dramatically reduced detoxification and repair system, as compared to adults
    • Chidlren have reduced contorl of waht goes into their systems
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