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  1. Breech Birth
    Presentation of infant's leg, arms or buttocks instead of the head
  2. Caesarean
    A surgical operation to deliver an infant through the abdominal wall
  3. Eclampsia
    A condition during pregnancy which may lead to elevated blood pressure, oedema and convulsions
  4. Ectopic Pregnancy
    The development of a foetus at a site other than in the uterus
  5. Foetus
    An embryo during the later stages of development in the uterus (from 8 weeks till birth)
  6. Gestation
    The period of development of a foetus in the uterus (pregnancy)
  7. Pre-Eclampsia
    The early stages of eclampsia
  8. Carcinoma
  9. Chemotherapy
    A form of drug treatment for cancer
  10. Leukaemia
    Any of a group of malignant diseases in which abnormally large numbers of white blood cells (leucocytes) are present
  11. Malignant
  12. Metastasis
    The distant spread of disease from it's original site
  13. Tumour
    Abnormal formation or growth of cells
  14. Exposure
    The term given to being exposed to extremes of temperatures (ie. hot or cold)
  15. Febrille
    Elevated body temperature (>37.5 °C)
  16. Frostbite
    Extremely low temperature of the extremities (eg. hands, ears, feet, etc)
  17. Hyperthermia
    High body temperature usually from prolonged exposure to high temperatures
  18. Hypothermia
    Abnormally low body temperature from prolonged exposure to cold temperatures
  19. Pyrexia
    Elevated body temperature
  20. Angiogram
    Radiological imaging of blood vessels
  21. Angioplasty
    Insertion of a catheter which has an inflatable balloon to widen an obstructed artery
  22. Barium
    A radio opaque contrast used to highlight the gastro-intestinal tract on x-rays
  23. Biopsy
    Surgical removal of tissue for evaluation
  24. Cannula
    A tube inserted into part of the body
  25. Catheter
    A tube inserted into an organ or cavity
  26. Intubation
    The insertion of a tube into the upper airway through which the patient breathes (endotracheal tube)
  27. Acute
    Of sudden onset and duration
  28. Aspiration
    Removal of fluid from the body by means of suction
  29. Chronic
    Long standing
  30. Effusion
    Collection of fluid (eg pleural effusion)
  31. Exacerbation
    Worsening or deterioration of a condition
  32. Rigor Mortis
    The stiffening of the body after death
  33. Torso
    The upper part of the body excluding the head and arms (also known as the trunk)
  34. Triage
    To sort in order of priority
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