GRE Unit 2

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  1. abysmal
    adj. very bad
  2. free market
    n. an economic market in which the demand and supply of goods and services is either not regulated or is slightly regulated
  3. planned economy
    • n. an economic system in which the production, allocation, and consumption of goods and services is planned in advance.
    • AKA "command economy"
  4. capitalism
    n. an economic and political system in which a country's industry and trade are controlled by private owners rather than the government
  5. accretion
    n. growth in size or increase in amount
  6. geophysicist
    n. one who specializes in the physics of the earth and its environment
  7. igneous
    n. in geology, relating to the formation of rocks by solidification from a molten state

    Latin ignis (fire)
  8. accrue
    v. to accumulate; grow by additions
  9. monopolistic
    n. having exclusive control over a commercial activity
  10. adamant
    adj. uncompromising; unyielding
  11. adjunct
    n. something added, attched, or joined
  12. admonish
    v. to cautin or reprimand
  13. adulterate
    v. to corrupt or make impure
  14. aesthetic
    adj. relating to beauty or art

    n. a conception of what is artistically beautiful
  15. aesthetics
    n. the conception of what is beautiful

    n. branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and art, and standards in judging them
  16. aesthete
    n. someone who cultivates a special sensitivity to beauty

    n. a person whose interest in beauty and art is regarded as excessive or superficial
  17. Gothic
    adj. a style of architecture that was very popular in the late Middle Ages characterized by such features as pointed arches, soaring spaces, and light

    Lit. a genre of fiction that was popular by 18th and early 19th centuries. They have an atmosphere of gloom, mystery, and horror
  18. affected
    adj. pretentious, phony
  19. affinity
    n. fondness; liking; similarity
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