GRE Unit 3

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  1. aggrandize
    v. to make larger or greater
  2. aggregate (adj)
    adj. amounting to a whole; total
  3. aggregate (v)
    v. to collect into a mass
  4. aggregate (n)
    n. collective mass or sum
  5. alacrity
    n. cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed
  6. alchemy
    n. medieval chemical philosophy based on changing metal into gold; seemingly magical power or process of transmutation

    forerunner to chemistry
  7. allay
    v. to lessen; to ease; soothe
  8. alleviate
    v. to relieve; improve partially
  9. bourgeoisie (past)
    n. the social order dominated by the property-owning class
  10. bourgeoisie (today)
    n. an unenlightened and smug attitude toward culture
  11. alloy
    n. a combination; a mixture of two or more metals
  12. allure (n)
    n. the power to entice by charm
  13. lobby
    n. a group whose members share certain goals and work to bring about the passage, modification, or defeat of laws that affect these goals
  14. allure (v)
    v. to entice by charm
  15. alluring
    adj. enticing by charm
  16. clockwork universe
    n. a theory of the origin of the universe that compares the universe to a mechanical clock created by God
  17. amalgamate
    v. to combine into a unified whole
  18. ambiguous
    adj. unclear or doubtful in meaning
  19. Mahayana Buddhist
    n. one of the three major traditions of Buddhism. Historical Buddha as a manifestation of the celestial Buddha
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