GRE Unit 5

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  1. anodyne (n)
    n. something that calms or soothes pain
  2. anodyne (adj)
    adj. relaxing, or capable of soothing pain
  3. anomalous
    adj. irregular; deviating from the norm
  4. anomaly
    n. irregular; deviating from the norm
  5. antecedent
    n. something that comes before
  6. Reformation
    a 16th century movement aimed at reforming abuses in the Roman Catholic Church. It led to the establishment of new churches
  7. antediluvian
    adj. prehistoric
  8. antipathy
    n. dislike; hostility
  9. protagonist
    n. the main character in a work of literature
  10. apathy
    n. indifference
  11. apathetic
    adj. indifference
  12. welfare state
    n. the provision of welfare services by the state (government)
  13. apex
    n. the highest point
  14. classicism
    n. an aesthetic tradition that values simplicity, elegance, restraint, and order
  15. Augustans
    n. a period of English literature from around 1700 to 1789. Satire was a feature of the writing of many authors of this period.

    Notable authors: Alexander Pope & Jonathan Swift
  16. apogee
    n. the point in an orbit most distant from the body being orbited; the highest point
  17. Ottoman Empire
    n. an empire that arose in Anatolia (Turkey) in the 14th centure, destroying the Byzantine Empire. By the early 16th century it controlled much of Persia, Arabia, Hungary, the Balkans, Syria, and Egypt.
  18. apothegm (apophthegm)
    n. a terse, witty saying
  19. appease
    v. to calm; pacify; placate
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