Chapter 5 Multiple-Choice 2nd Part

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  1. If you want to increase your power by having information routed through your position and by increasing the technical sophistication of your work, what have you increased?
    Centrality of your position
  2. If you are looking to improve your flexibility, what should you do?
    Look to be a participant at the formation of a group.
  3. During the interview process, the interviewer told you that the position you have applied for has been in this organization for over 50 years. You having been looking for a job that affords you discretion. Which statement describes your reaction to the news from the interviewer?
    Not so good news
  4. The task force has been meeting for several weeks on distributing bonuses for employees but has become hopelessly stalemated. You were added to the committee to influence the group's decision. What will this do to your influence?
    This will make it difficult to have influence.
  5. What will a performance appraisal system that rewards initiative and innovation do?
    Increase one's discretion and thus the potential for more power
  6. What does it suggest about an organization if people are rewarded for being reliable and predictable?
    This suggests the organization will penalize people who use discretion.
  7. What is the best way to gain visibility?
    Give a good presentation of the report to an executive committee
  8. What is included in ways to gain visibility?
    Face-to-face communication
  9. You have a desire to move up in the company. You have been offered two positions. One position is more people oriented and the other position is more task oriented. Which position should you take?
    You should take the people-oriented position.
  10. In a company that sells golf clubs, a job in which department has more relevance power?
  11. You are graduating this summer and are seeking an influential position. Your major is finance. Which job should you choose to maximize your relevant power?
    Working for a stockbroker firm making $25,000
  12. What does relevance as a power base refer to?
    Being associated with activities that are directly related to the organization's central objectives
  13. If you want to increase the relevance of your job to the organization, what should you do?
    Become a trainer or mentor for new employees
  14. Your boss is discussing power and influence and states, "Power is a necessary precondition for influence." Should you agree or disagree?
    You should agree.
  15. If you use an influence strategy that makes others want to do what you say, which influence strategy are you using?
    Reciprocity approach
  16. If you use the influence strategy that helps others to see why they should do what you say, which influence strategy are you using?
    Reason approach
  17. You have received a letter from North American Family Publishers sweepstakes with pictures of Dick McMahon and Ed Clark that states, "You are our newest $10 million winner!* However, you must act in 24 hours by buying numerous magazine subscriptions to secure your prize." You read further to find the fine print that says, "*Only if you have the winning number." What influence strategy is being utilized?
  18. You are buying a house. The seller recently lowered the asking price, but the price is still higher than your initial offer. The broker states, "The seller lowered his price, and I think you should raise your offer." What type of influence strategy is being utilized?
  19. Management is looking for someone to work the holidays. You believe that management would think better of you if you worked the holidays. If you work the holidays, which influence strategy was utilized?
  20. Which influence strategy respects the rights of others, honors the concept of fairness, and attempts to strengthen the ongoing relationships between parties?
  21. A friend came to you and stated, "I am flunking my management class. I need to pass or I won't graduate. Will you please help me?" Your friend is using which influence strategy?
  22. The strength of one's personal powers would impact which influence strategy the most?
  23. One should use reciprocity when (1) there is sufficient time to reach satisfactory agreements, (2) no other alternatives exist, and (3) quality and innovation are not important. Which statements are correct?
    Only statement 1 is correct.
  24. One should use reason when (1) adequate time for extensive discussion exists, (2) parties share mutual respect and credibility, and (3) needs are specific and short term. Which statements are correct?
    Statements 1 and 2 are correct.
  25. Disadvantage(s) to using reciprocity are (1) considerable time required to build trust, (2) engenders resentment, and (3) encourages people to feel the terms of assignments are open for negotiation. Which statements are correct?
    Only statement 3 is correct.
  26. If you increased your influence with your boss by drawing her attention to problems that concern you, what have you done?
    Utilized the concept of "issue selling"
  27. A co-worker tells you that an effective strategy for capturing managers' attention is to make it clear the issue can be resolved. Is this good advice?
  28. If you are trying to influence the agenda of your boss, which influence strategy is most appropriate?
  29. What is included in strategies that neutralize retribution?
    Confronting the person who is trying to intimidate you
  30. Strategy(ies) that neutralize reciprocity strategies include (1) confront the exploiting individual directly, (2) examine the intent of any favor-giving activity, and (3) confront the individual who is using manipulative bargaining tactics. Which statements are correct?
    Statements 2 and 3 are correct.
  31. Your boss asks, "I've talked to others in your group and they have agreed to work this weekend. Can I count on you?" To offset this influence, what should you say?
    "I understand the problem. However, I also have a meeting scheduled with our major client to discuss some problems they had with our last shipment. Do you suppose we could employ a temp or should I cancel my meeti"ng?
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