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  1. Kubla khan?
    wrote about beauty and serenity of nature but also about savagery and wildness
  2. Purchas's pilgrimage
    book guy is reading in kubla khan before he falls asleep
  3. what happens when the guys in kubla khan wakes up?
    he has all these visions and write them in the poem, then a knock at the door comes and he forgets the rest so it remains unfinished
  4. where is kubla khan from?
  5. coleridge's family?
    • yougest of a big fam
    • father died and he was considered an orphan
  6. where was he born?
    Ottery St. mary
  7. educated where?
    for free at Christ's hospital
  8. what university did he go to?
    cambridge, most elite university in england
  9. what alias did he use when he went into the army?
    Silas Tomkyn Comberbacke
  10. what 2 things were very detrimental in his life?
    love and illness
  11. illness?
    had rheumatoid arthritis
  12. what did he use to help his arthritis?
    • Laudanum (liquid opium)
    • *very strong, and he became addicted
  13. love life?
    stuck in a loveless marriage with sara hutchinson
  14. Robert southy?
    • good friend
    • came up with the idea of pantisocracy
  15. pantisocracy?
    rule of all
  16. southy married?
    edith fricker
  17. he is described as being the
    most intelligent romantic writer of all time
  18. coleridge was also a ?
  19. why did he debate with dawin?
    didnt believe in evolution
  20. coleridge's newspaper?
    The Friend
  21. Dr. Gilman?
    • took care of coleridge
    • regulated his intake of laudanum
  22. Josiah wedgewood?
    patron who gave coleridge money to live off of
  23. how much did wedgewood give coleridge a year?
    150 pounds
  24. how old was coleridge when he died?
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