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  1. Quam pulchra es
    John Dunstable. Motet. 1st half of 15th C. Little dissonance. Imperfect Consonance. Simple rhythms.
  2. Missa Se la face ay pale
    Du Fay. 1430. Cantus firmus from Se la face ay pale by Du Fay. Cantus firmus is repeated 3 times. First 3 times as fast, then 2 times, then regular speed. The cantus firmus is taken from the tenor and is placed in the tenor. He uses a head motive.
  3. Nuper rosarum flores
    Du Fay. 1436. motet. clear cadences. begins with intonation. Duets. Isorhythmic.
  4. Je ne puis vivre
    Busnoys. Bergerette. 1460. Hidden cadences. Imitation. Syncopation. Hemiloas.
  5. Missa prolationum
    Ockeghem. Kyrie. Expanding low range. No introductory duet. Equal voice polyphony. Long phrases. mensuration canon.
  6. Ave maria...virgo serena
    Josquin. 1484. Motet. Points of imitation. Homophony. Free counterpoint. Text painting. Sequence.
  7. Missa pange lingua
    Josquin. 1515. Paraphrase mass. Points of imitation. Homophony. Free counterpoint.
  8. Ave regina celorum
    Gombert. 1541. Marian motet. Point of imitation. Hidden cadences. Unprepared dissonances.
  9. (Missa) O magnum mysterium
    Victoria. motet. 1572. Point of imitation. Introductory duet. Homophony. Clear cadences. Vary texture. Mensuration Canon.
  10. Pope Marcellus Mass
    Palestrina. Mass. 1560. Homophony. Consistently varying texture. Imitation on Amen. Sing same text at the same time. Can understand the text.
  11. Cum essem parvulus
    Lassus. motet. 1579. Text painting. Varying texture. Homophony. Imitation.
  12. Tant que vivray
    Sermisy. Parisian Chanson. 1527. Syllabic. Short phrases and clear cadences. Strophic. Homophonic. Plays with dynamics.
  13. Flow, my tears.
    John Dowland. Lute song. 1600. Double entendre. Strophic. Dance. Little imitation.
  14. Il blanco e dolce cigno
    Arcadelt. Madrigal. 1538. Enhambment. homophonic. Text painting.
  15. De la belle contrade d'oriente
    Rore. Mardrigal. 1560-1565. Text painting. Chromatic medient. Contrapuntal.
  16. "Io parto" e non piu dissi
    Gesualdo. Madrigal. 1600. Chromaticism. Text painting. Amplifies all characteristics of this time.
  17. Danserye
    Susato. 1551. Basse danse - Binary. Repeats. duple meter. Pavane - Slow courtly dance. 3 sections. Duple meter. Galliard - 2 sections. Binary. Simple. Can dance to.
  18. Los seys libros de Delphin
    Narvaez. Intabulation and variation set. 1538. Played on Vihuela
  19. Canzon septimi toni from Sacre Symphoniae
    Gabrieli. Ensemble canzona. 1597. Collection of voice and instrument together. 2 brass choirs. Imitative. New material between refrain.
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