Review 4 Idioms

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  1. animus (dat. of person) accedit
    (some person) takes courage
  2. bellum gere
    to wage war
  3. castra ponere
    to pitch camp
  4. consilium capere
    to form a plan
  5. cum (+ aclative of person) agere
    to plead with (someone)
  6. de integro
    afresh, anew
  7. inter se
    among themselves
  8. iter facere
    to make a journey
  9. multa nocte
    late at night
  10. naviguim (navis) ascendere
    to board a boat or ship
  11. poenas (poenam) dare
    to pay the penalty
  12. proelium committere
    to begin or engage in battle
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