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  1. acanth-
    thorn; prickle
  2. al-
    "wing (not pter-
  3. pter-
    "wing (not al-
  4. pteryg-
    "wing (not al-
  5. amygdal-*
    almond [See Mod. 11]
  6. annul-
  7. anth-
    flower; blossom (not flor-)
  8. flor-
    flower; blossom (not anth-)
  9. api-
    bee [no connecting vowel follows] (shorter root)
  10. meliss-
    bee (longer root)
  11. arachn-*
    spider; spider-like; spider web; web-like [See Mod. 5]
  12. arbor-
  13. av-
    bird [connecting vowel is ìiî]
  14. bacc-
    berry (not cocc-)
  15. cocc-
    berry (not bacc-)
  16. blast-
    bud; germ; embryonic cell
  17. carp-*
    fruit; seed [See Mod. 10]
  18. clad-
    branch (longer root)
  19. ram-
    branch (shorter root)
  20. cortic-*
    bark; outer layer [See Mod. 5]
  21. cyn-
    dog (Greek Root)
  22. can-
    dog (Latin Root)
  23. flagell-
    whip; whip-like appendage
  24. flocc-
    tuft of hair (shorter root)
  25. floccul-
    tuft of hair (longer root)
  26. foli-
  27. formic-
    "ant [This root will use suffix -iasis
  28. frond-
    leaf; leafy branch; frond
  29. helminth-
    "worm [will use suffix -iasis
  30. verm-
    worm (shortest root)
  31. vermin-
    worm (longer derivative of shortest root)
  32. herp-
    reptile; snake; spreading blister (shorter root)
  33. herpet-
    reptile; snake; spreading blister (longer root)
  34. ichthy-
    fish [can also mean ìscalyî] (Greek root)
  35. pisc-
    fish (Latin root)
  36. lign-
    wood (longer root)
  37. hyl-
    wood (1/2 shorter roots)
  38. xyl-
    wood (1/2 shorter roots)
  39. nem-
    threadlike structure; roundworm (shorter root)
  40. nemat-
    threadlike structure; roundworm (longer root)
  41. nid-
  42. nuc-
  43. onych-
    "nail; hoof; claw (not ungu- derivative
  44. onyx-
    "nail; hoof; claw (not ungu- derivative
  45. ungu-
    "nail; hoof; claw (not onyx- derivative
  46. ungul-
    "nail; hoof; claw (not onyx- derivative
  47. phyt-
    plant; growth
  48. set-
    bristle; seta (pl. setae)
  49. spin-*
    thorn; spine [See Mod. 10]
  50. spor-
  51. trich-
  52. zo-
    animal; living organism
  53. anthrac-*
    coal [See Mod. 8]
  54. argent-*
    silver [See Mod. 8]
  55. carbon-
  56. chrys-*
    gold [See Mod. 8] (longer root)
  57. aur-*
    gold [See Mod. 8; Mod. 4] (shorter root)
  58. cupr-
  59. petr-
  60. plumb-
  61. sider-
    iron (longer root)
  62. ferr-
    iron (shorter root)
  63. thi-
  64. chem-
  65. corpor-
    body; corpus (Latin FYI)
  66. cry-
    extreme cold; extremely cold [adjective root]
  67. electr-
    electricity; electrical [adjective root]
  68. erg-
    work (shorter root)
  69. ergasi-
    work (longer root)
  70. hum-
    soil; earth
  71. loc-
    place; location (not loc-)
  72. top-
    place; location (not top-)
  73. meteor-
    weather; atmosphere
  74. nos-
    disease (shorter root)
  75. morb-
    disease (longer root)
  76. nyct-
    "night; during the night (shorter root
  77. nyctal-
    night; during the night (longest root)
  78. noct-
    "night; during the night (shorter root
  79. phot-
    "light (note luc-
  80. luc-
    light (shortest root)
  81. lumen-
    light (longest root)
  82. phyl-
    group; tribe; race
  83. physi-
  84. psychr-
  85. pyr-
    heat; fire
  86. pyret-
  87. sol-
    sun (longer root)
  88. heli-
    sun (shorter root)
  89. ge-
    the earth; land (shorter root)
  90. terr-
    the earth; land (longer root)
  91. therm-
    heat; temperature
  92. trop-
  93. -ergasia
    work (longest termination)
  94. -ergia
    "work (not -urgy
  95. -urgy
    work (shortest termination)
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