BCA Chapter 2

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  1. Alignment
    The position ...
  2. Font Style
    The way a character is emphasized
  3. Format
    The way a text appeats on a page
  4. Formatting marks
    Special Symbols, representing spaces, tabs, and paragraphs, that do not appear on paper when a document is printed
  5. Full Screen Reading view
    A Word view that makes reading a document on a screen easier because text appears larger
  6. Grammar checker
    A feature that automatically checks a document for grammatical errors
  7. I-beam
    The shape of the pointer when it moved into a document
  8. Insertion point
    A blinking vertical line that indicates where the next character typed will be placed
  9. Italic
    A text style that makes text slanted
  10. A bar at the top of the window with duttons that are clicks to perform actions.
    Quick Access Toolbar
  11. Shows what the printouts will look like
    Previewing Document
  12. The unit used to measure the size of text. there are 72 points to an inch.
  13. A form of collaboration where a peeredits a document
    Peer editing
  14. Stores the last 24 hours cut or copied items
    Office clipboard
  15. Delete text and then place that text at a different loaction
    Move text
  16. Comments and tracked changes
  17. A format where the left edge of the paragraph is straight and the right edge is jagged
    Left aligned
  18. The default font style
  19. Justification
    A format where both sides of the paragraph are straight
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