Mrs. Archer's FINAL Science Vocab

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  1. any charecteristic of matter-such as color, shape, and taste- that can be deteted by the senses without changing the identity of the matter
    Physical Property
  2. physical properties- such as volume and mass that change when the size of the object changes
    Size-Dependent Properties
  3. physical properties-such as density-that do not change when the size of the object changes
    size-independent properties
  4. chareteristic of someting that permits its change to something new
    chemical property
  5. any change of a material into a new matierial with different properties
    chemical change
  6. process that produes chemical change, resulting in new substances that have properties different from those of the original substances
    chemical reaction
  7. subtance that speeds up a chemical reaction but is not used up itself or permanently changes
  8. solid that comes back out of its solution becasue of a chemical reaction or physical change
  9. any change in the size, shape, form or state of matter in which the matter's identity remains the same
    physical change
  10. measure of how acidic or basic a solution is, ranging in a scale from 0 to 14
    pH (scale)
  11. describes how easily something reacts with something else
  12. substance that exists before a chemical reaction begins
  13. measure of how fast a chemical reaction occurs
    rate of reaction
  14. the ability to catch on fire...
  15. describes how toxic (the charecteristic of being posinious) a substance is
  16. substance that releases H+ ions and producs hydronium ions when dissolved in water
  17. compound that changes color at different pH values when it reacts with acidic or basic solutions
  18. substance that forms as a result of a chemical reaction
  19. chemical reaction in which heat energy is absorbed( <--key word)
    endothermic reaction
  20. chemical reaciton in which heat energy is released ( <---key word)
    exothermic reaciton
  21. substance that slows down a chemical reaciton, making the formation of a certain amount product take longer
  22. reaction in which an acid reacts with a base and forms water an a salt
  23. substance that accepts H+ ions and produces hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
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