H 319 Final Questions

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  1. Who sponsored FOCA?
    Barbara Boxer
  2. What as the Bill #?
    SB 1173
  3. In whcih bill process did the bill die?
    Committee Assignment
  4. FOCA banned abortions?
  5. Barbara Boxer is a senator from California?
  6. Currently, Oregon's law on abortions includes?
    Oregon does not have any major restrictions on abortion
  7. Laws regarding abortions are delegated?
    State to state
  8. True/False Tom Nadler was the sponsor for the represntatives?
  9. What Supreme court case did FOCA protect?
    Roe v. Wade
  10. Which state completely banned abortions?
    South Dakota
  11. What caused tobacco control to become an issue?
    When the U.S. General Surgeon made it a requirement to label health risks on cigarette packs
  12. In 1967, what did the Fairness Doctrine do for tobacco control policies?
    It meant that all television and radio stations must air anti-tobacco commercials as long as there were tobacco commercials on air
  13. How was smoking promoted in the past to the younger audience?
    • a. Commercials
    • b. Actors/ Actresses
    • c. War heros
    • d. All of the above
  14. True or False: The Oregon Tobacco Control Program has six main goals
  15. True or False: The Oregon tobacco tax on cigarettes is 1.18 per pack.
  16. True or False: Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Oregon today.
  17. True or False: The culture of smoking has changed to a culture to stop or quit smoking now
  18. True or False: OSU’s campus smoke ban is already in effect
  19. True or False: Senator Jeff Merkley is a major political activist in banning tobacco products in Orego
  20. True or False: Over 70% of Oregon voters are in favor of an increase in cigarette taxes
  21. There is one type of coverage of Medicare part D coverage
    False (there are two: stand-alone and medicare advantage: managed care system)
  22. Out of pocket spending has been increasing since 2006
    True (51000 in 2006 and 6657.5) today
  23. Medicare Part D was presented to Congress and passed almost instantly
    False (it was debated and negotiated for about 6 months in Congress)
  24. Before the reform a beneficiary who is in the donut hole has to pay 75% of their prescription drug costs
    False (Once in the donut hole a beneficiary must pay 100% of their prescription drugs)
  25. If a beneficiary entered the donut hold in 2010 they would recieve 50% off brand name drugs starting in 2011
    True (They would also recieve a $250 rebate)
  26. Medicare Parts A & B were passed in 1985
    False it was passed in 1965
  27. Once you spend $6154 on prescription drugs you enter what's called Catastrophic Coverage
  28. When was Medicare Part D passed?
  29. What is a benefit for closing the donut hole?
    Beneficiaries will save between $700 and $3000 in one year
  30. The Donut hole is also called the
    Coverage Gap
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