CH 4 AJ 4 test

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  1. What is the main purpuse of the exclusionary rule?
    To deter police misconduct.
  2. When was the exclusionary first applied to all federal prosecutions?
    Weeks v. Ohio (1914)
  3. The exclusionary rule was extended to state prosections in _________________.
    Mapp v. Ohio (1961)
  4. _____________________ and _____________________ are both excludable.
    • -Illegally seized evidence
    • -Fruit of the poisonous tree
  5. What are the 4 general exceptions to the exclusionary rule?
    good faith, inevitable discovery, purge taint, and independant source.
  6. The prove harmless error, ....
    the prosectuion must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the evidence erroneusly admitted did not contribute to the conviction.
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Chapter 4: The Exclusionary Rule
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