Socio Vocab Ch 4

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  1. Anticipatory Socialization
    Ppl take the norms n behaviour of the role they aspire.
  2. Ego
    Balances the conflict btwn the ID(pleasure-seeking) n Superego(restrain-ruler follow)
  3. Gender Role
    Set of behaviour that are expected bout how male n female should act.
  4. Hidden curriculum
    Schools teach obidence to authority n cultural norms.
  5. I
    Subjective n impulsive aspect of the self that is present from birth
  6. Id
    Part of the self that demands immidiate gratification
  7. Initiation rite
  8. Me
    Organized n stable concept of the self that emerges n learn to take the role of cultural approved standars n expectation
  9. Peer group
    Ppl not friend but same age n similar status.
  10. Primary socialization
    Process of acquiring basic skills to fuction in society during childhood.
  11. Resocialization
    Powerful socialization agents change drastically a prson's values, roles n self-concept
  12. Role
    Behaviour expected of a prson occupaying a particular position in society
  13. Secondary socialization
    Socialization outside of family
  14. Self
    Ideas n attitudes bout who u re
  15. Self-Socialization
    The individual choose from the variety of mass media to get socialized .
  16. Significant others
    Ppl who play imxtant roles in the primary socialization(childrens).
  17. Socialization
    Complex lifelong learning procees whereby individuals acquire the skills n knowledge necessary to participate effectively within a particular social group
  18. Status
    Recognized the social position of an individual
  19. Super Ego
    Act as a repository of cultural standars = follow the rules
  20. Total institution
    Isolate ppl from society to a more restricted area where are in constant control n supervision.
  21. Unconscious
    Collection of feelings, ideas, fears, that are deep n we're not aware of
  22. Virtual Community
    Association of ppl around the world,country, planet via computer n any other modern communication device
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