19th Century History

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  1. American West trapper explorer, important for trails and mapping, killed by Indians
    Jedidiah Smith
  2. Last of the Mohicans, Leatherstocking Tales
    James Fenimore Cooper
  3. "Commentaries on American Law" second to John Marshall in setting foundation and precedents, America's frist great legal scholar
    James Kent
  4. An orginization that provided a platform for spearkers on a great variety of subjects
  5. painted birds, experimented with American bird-banding
    John James Audobon
  6. Tamerlane and Other Poems printed in Boston
    Edgar Allan Poe
  7. Who signed the Tariff of Abominations? What is it?
    May 19th 1828, Southerners didn't like it, felt discrimnated against the South from the North and West, John Quincy Adams
  8. Party formed by John Quincy Adams, this party advocated a nationalistic program including national bank, protective tarriffs etc (American System)
    National Republican Party
  9. Prominent Woman Journalist from Boston, Editor, Ladies Magazine
    Sara Josepha Hale
  10. Self made man
    Andrew Jackson
  11. carving teeth or jaw of sperm whale
  12. German born philospher, edited Encycopedia Americna
    Francis Lieber
  13. Famous debate
    Webster-Hayne debate
  14. Third major party in history, held its first national convention in Philadelphia
    Anti-Masonic Party
  15. Romantic movement, american painters, formed this school, best known were Asher Durand, Thomas Cole, and George Innes
    Hudson River school
  16. Wrote the poem Old Ironside for the Boston daily
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
  17. Mormon founder
    Joe Smith
  18. followers started Disciples of Christ, baptisimal regernation
    Alexander Campbell
  19. clergyman lecturer, diet could prevent alcoholism, Graham crackers
    Sylvester Graham
  20. "Liberty and Union now and forever inseperable"
    Daniel Webster
  21. Bloody slave insurrection, 60-70 whites killed
    Nat Turner
  22. Leader of Sauk Indians
  23. Leading abolitionist journal
    Liberator by Lloyd Garrison
  24. Invented the reaper
    Cyrus Mckormick
  25. "Old Glory"
    William Driver
  26. States right issue in 1832, South Carolina tried to repeal this
    Tarriff of Abominations, it was fought by Andrew Jackson
  27. War with Sauk indians, this man killed settlers
    Blackhawk, 1832
  28. Party fromed, formerly known as Republican Delegates rom the Several States, nominated Andrew Jackson
    Democratic Party
  29. Sauk followers of Blackhawk massacred
    Bad Axe River massacre
  30. :O Fairest of the Rural maids" "The death of flowers"

    William Cullen Bryant
  31. Fast ships
    Clipper ships
  32. New York Sun
    Benjamin H. Day
  33. lithography business, gave eloquent pictorial account of sights and events of 19th century america
    Currier & Ives
  34. revolver inveted by man, six shooter
    Samuel Colt 1833, Colt Revolver
  35. oldest public library in US except for Library of Congress, tax supported, where?
    Peterbourough NH
  36. frontiersman, indian fighter, legend, died at Alamo
    Dacy Crockett died 1836
  37. New party with leaders such as Henry clay, John Calhoun, Daniel Webster, opposed jacksons bank of US, opposed Andrew Jackson radically
    Whigs 1834
  38. Histroy of the United states, Historian, manifest destiny, nationalism rhetoric, established the US naval Academy in Annapolis MD
    George Bancroft
  39. Interest in science such as phrenology (claimed that from the shape of the human skull one could determine character traits and mental abilities)
    Orson Fowler
  40. Prototype of modern electric motor
    Thomas Davenport
  41. Federal troops sent to Florida to stop war, US didn't conqueror until 1842, cost 1500 dead Americans and lots of money
    2nd Seminole War
  42. Nominated by Whigs
    Daniel Webster
  43. French liberal visted the US, De la De'Macratie en Ame'rique , Democracy in America
    Alexis de Tolqueville
  44. Telegraph
    Samuel Morse
  45. Horseshoes
    Henry Burden
  46. 10-mile footrace, 59:44
    Henry Stannard
  47. Texas army under Houston defeated Mexicans at this battle
    Battle of San Jacinto
  48. Nature , Turning point in American intellectual life, Transendentalism
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  49. Washington Monument
    Robert Mills
  50. Electric Readers
    William Holmes McGuffey
  51. "Tippancanoe and Tyler too"
    Whig, William Henry Harrison
  52. Almighty dollar
    Washington Irving
  53. Financal panic of ...
  54. this man killed by proslavery rioters, martyr abolitionist
    Elijah Lovejoy
  55. Twice-Told Tales
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
  56. hudson river school artist, In the Catskills
    Thomas Cole
  57. First plow, smooth blade
    John Deere
  58. circus guy, believe-it-or-not stuff
    P.T. Barnum
  59. Underground railroad
    Harriet Tubman
  60. Cherokee's moved
    Trail of Tears
  61. Author for abolition, Ballads and anti-slavery poems
    John Whittier
  62. Mormons founded this place
  63. Mutiny where blacks took ship, sailed to Long Island
    Amistad, Quincy Adams defended blacks
  64. Antislavery party held its first national convention at Warsaw NY
    Liberty Party
  65. Educational father
    Horace mann, know this man
  66. Volcanized rubber
  67. Photograph of the moon
    John Daper
  68. former party, small group, held series of meetings in which alcoholics discussed problems
    Washigton AA Party
  69. President died, this guy stepped up, who died who vice?
    Harrrison died, John Tyler stepper up
  70. US Canada border fixed, happy made US and Britain what was signed
    Webster-Ashburg thing
  71. Expedition to go to Oregon beyond the Mississippi
    John Fre'mont
  72. Legality of labor unions was established by the Massachusetts Supreme Court in the case of
    Commonweath v. Hunt
  73. Party was formed at NY
    American Republican Party 1843
  74. "What hath God wrought"
    First telegraph message
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