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    Houdon, Thomas Jefferson, 1789. Marble.
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    Houdon, Geogre Washington, 1785-96. Marble.
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    Canova, Theseus and the dead minotaur, 1781-83. Marble.
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    Canova, Cupid and Psyche, 1787-93. Marble.
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    David, Oath of the Horatii, 1784-85. Oil on canvas.
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    David, The dead of Marat, 1793. Oil on canvas.
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    Boullée, Design for monument to Isaac Newton, 1784. Ink and wash on paper.
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    Olmsted and Vaux, Central Park, New York. Planned 1858, begun 1863.
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    Benoist, Portrait of a Black woman, 1800. Oil on canvas, Louvre.
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    Gros, Napoleon in the Plague house at Jaffa, 1804. Oil on canvas, Louvre.
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    Goya, The third of May 1808, 1814. Oil on canvas, Prado Madrid.
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    Goya, Soplones, no. 48 of Los Caprichos, 1799. Etch and aquatint.
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    Goya, Esto es peor, no. 37 of Los Desastres de la Guerra, 1812-15. Etching.
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    Goya, Saturn Devouring one of his children, 1820-3. Wall paiting in oil transferred to canvas.
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    Géricault, The raft of the Medusa, 1819. Oil on canvas, Louvre.
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    Ingres, Odalisque with a slave, 1842. Oil on canvas.
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    Ingres, Turkish bath, 1859-63. Oil on canvas, Louvre.
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    Ingres, Madame Moitessier, 1851. Oil on canvas.
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    Delacroix, Death of Sardanapalus, 1828. Oil on canvas, Louvre.
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    Delacroix, The 28th July: Liberty leading the people, 1830. Oil on canvas, Louvre.
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    Daumier, Freedom of the Press: Don't meddle with it, 1834. Litografie.
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    Friedrich, The wanderer above the mists, c. 1817-18. Oil on canvas.
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    Blake, Nebuchadnezzar, 1795. Color print finished in watercolor.
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    Constable, Stour valley and Dedham church, 1814-15. Oil on canvas.
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    Constable, The leaping horse, 1824-25. Oil on canvas.
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    Turner, Glacier and source of the Aveyron, Chamonix, 1802-3. Watercolour on paper.
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    Turner, The slave ship, 1840. Oil on canvas.
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    Rugendas, The hold of a slave ship, 1827. Lithograph.
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    Biard, The slave trade, 1840. Oil on canvas.
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    Jocelyn, Cinque, 1840. Oil on canvas.
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