Nieuwste tijd 2.3

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    Corot, Volterra, 1834. Oil on canvas, Louvre.
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    Daguerre, Boulevard du temple, Paris, 1838. Daguerrotype.
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    Anonymus, Frederick Douglass, 1847. Daguerreotype.
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    Talbot, The open door, 1843. Calotype negative.
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    Hill and Adamson, Highland guard, 1844-45. Calotype negative.
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    Schinkel, Theatre in Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, 1818-21.
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    Barry and Pugin, Houses of Parliament, London, 1839-52.
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    Upjohn, Trinity church, New York, 1841-52.
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    Delaroche, The execution of lady Jane Grey, 1833. Oil on canvas.
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    Hunt, Our english coasts, 1852. Oil on canvas.
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    Courbet, A burial at Ornans, 1849-50. Oil on canvas.
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    Millet, Man with a Hoe, 1852-62. Oil on canvas.
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    Manet, Lucheon on the Grass, 1863. Oil on canvas.
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    Manet, The execution of the emperor Maximilian, 1867. Oil on canvas.
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    Menzel, Iron rolling-mill, 1875. Oil on canvas.
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    Menzel, living room with the artist's sister, 1847. Oil on paper.
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    Repin, They did not expect him, 1884. Oil on canvas.
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    Church, Niagara, 1857. Oil on canvas.
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    Bierstadt, Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, 1868. Oil on canvas.
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    Heade, Sunset over the Marshes, 1890-1904. Oil on canvas.
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    Bingham, Fur traders descending the Missouri,1845. Oil on canvas.
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    Homer, Long Branch, New Jersey, 1869. Oil on canvas.
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    Bingham, The concealed enemy, 1845. Oil on canvas.
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    Leutze, Westward the course of empire takes its way, 1861. Oil on canvas.
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    Homer, Dressing for the carnival, 1877. Oil on canvas.
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    Tanner, The first lesson, 1893. Oil on canvas.
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    Eakins, The gross clinic, 1875. Oil on canvas.
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    Nadar, The photographer's wife. 1853. Silver print form collodion negative.
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    Cameron, Paul and Virginia, 1867. Albumen print.
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    O'sullivan, A harvest of death, 1863. Albumen print
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