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  1. 218 IO 19s10 What is the min amount windows should be open in Dept vehicle when transporting fireworks?
    Minimum 2 inches to avoid toxic fumes
  2. 218 IO19s10 Where does member concerned make notifications to prior to transporting a significant amount of fireworks?
    FDNY through 311, they provide appropriate fire protecion apparatus to excort the shipment
  3. 218 IO 51s09 Where can A/O obtain an IMEI # from a prisoners cell phone?
    From the sticker in the battery compartment in rear of cellphone or from sticker on the rear of the cell phone viewing screen
  4. 218 IO 51s09 What should be done if IMEI # sticker has been removed from a prisoner cell phone or defaced?
    • 1) Invoice as "Investigative Evidence"
    • 2) Notify DO
    • 3) Notify det squad Supv (or member if not available) between 0100-0800 hrs det Borough Nightwatch
    • 4) FIO
  5. 218 IO51s09 What is enetered in "remarks section" of PCI if IMEI # has been defaced/removed?
    "IMEI # tampered with"
  6. 218 IO 15s9 If consent is not obtained to conduct a forensic evidence exam who should assigned investigator contact?
    Legal bureau
  7. 218 IO15s09 Upon completion of forensic evidence exam where is the completed sexual assault suspect exam copy obtained from?
    Hospital Personnel
  8. 218 IO15s09 Where is properly marked packaged and sealed suspect Evidence Collection kit transported to?
    Det Sqd, Pct of Occ
  9. 218 IO11s09 Where must immediate delivery of DNA evidence be made?
    Police Lab and OCME
  10. 218 IO11s09 If OCME refuses to accept a DNA evidence package where should delivering MOS notify?
    • 1. Police lab evidence control supervisor and
    • 2. When applicable an appropriate Det supervisor
  11. 218-04 If the CO/Duty Capt feels there are exigent circumstances to justify non compliance with delivering controlled substance/Marijuana, firearms, criminalistics evidence or DNA evidence to the Patrol Borough where does CO send 49?What should 49 describe?
    To Chief of Patrol through channels, facts regarding the exigent circumstances and explaining why the forensic evidence could not be delivered to the Patrol Borough
  12. 218-07 If a UMOS must keep investigatory evidence other than vehicle for more than 1 yr from where PCI was prepared where does CO direct UMOS to submit "Retention for property request"?
    Property Clerk Division- 1PP
  13. 218-01 If a UMOS fails to return property/receipt to property clerk where does CO send 49 indicating reason MOS did not return 49 indicating reason and any corrective action taken?
    Next higher command
  14. 218-21 How often does CO inspect Ro Tow log for completeness and accuracy?
  15. 2128-21 What is CO checking 30 day rotation towing file for?
    determine status of all invoices and ensure no vehicle is being held more than 30 days
  16. 218-23 If deemed appropriate by CO to request to trace a specific firearm previously ID as "Do Not Trace" , how can it be requested?
    Telephone direct to BATF Regional Crime Gun Center
  17. 218-27 When does CO direct an investigation to be conducted in regards to found property retained by an interstate transport company, airline, bank or safe deposit company?
    If notice of return to owner is not received within 60 days and the property has not been delivered to command
  18. 218-39 Who does CO designate to frequently inspect perishable foods or goods removed from general and food vendors?
    A sufficient # of supervisor's
  19. 218-42 What does CO do with unused or damaged peddler seals?
    destroy them, they are not to be re- used
  20. 218-45 When does an investigation related to pistol/licencee susp/revocation/ or cancellation have to be completed and CO fwd all related forms to Lic Div through channels?
    Within 30 days of surrender notice is receied at command
  21. 218-45 Which copy of Surrender Notice does CO endorse before fwfd to lic Div?
  22. 218-45 How often is the self inspection for vehicle seizure mandated by QAD?
  23. 218-45 If pistol license holder refuses to surrender after being served and offers no evidence that firearm was legally disposed of what should assigned UMOS do?
    Contact Lic Div
  24. 218-37 Where do you indicate that money may contain CS tear gas?
    Plastic Security Envelope and voucher
  25. 218-38 When should a UMOS call Asset Forfeiture Unit when there is P/C that currency is proceeds of a crime or facilitated a crime?
    $1000 or more
  26. 218-28 If no next of kin or next of kin cannot be notified for a DOA who does DO notify?
  27. 218-45 How long does an assigned UMOS have to conduct and complete an investigation for a) Pistol lic suspension,revocation or cancellation
    b)rifle/shotgun permit revoked suspended or disapproved?
    • a) 30 days
    • b) 60 days
  28. 218-01 Who prepared a complaint report for a vehicle with fire damage?
    The fire marshal
  29. 218-31 If after hrs and you have search warrant for computer equipment who do you call?
    Chief of Det Officer
  30. 218-35 Who makes a property log entry for currency evidence?
  31. 218-26 When is it mandatory to voucher found currency?
    when > $10.00
  32. 218-09 When can you send a vouchered lock to lab?
    When you also have key vouchered
  33. 218-01 Where is a Bullet resistant garment and PCI fwd to?
    CO Firearms and Tactics Section
  34. 218-13 When is it OK to force open a locked container (trunk/glove comp) when more than min damage is done?
    • 1. Reasonable Suspicion: Contraband, explosives, HazMat, weapons or
    • 2. Plainveiw or
    • 3. Consent or
    • 4. Contents can be inferred through appearance
  35. 218-09 When do you voucher alcohol?
    • DWI, when open container
    • or
    • ABC violation when requested for court presentation
  36. 218-21 Where does info of a derelict/sanitation tow vehicle go?
    Ro tow log
  37. 218-19 If a supervisor calls ADA for determining if a vehicle should be siezed, where should ADA's name and phone # be recorded?
    Remarks of PCI
  38. 218-39 What is the distance a general vendor has to sell beyond a parl wothout a parks Dept permit?
    350 feet
  39. 218-21 If VIN is missing/illegible or owner cannot be determined for a rotow vehiclewhat must the DO ensure is in remarks of voucher?
    "Deliver to auto pound within 48 hrs for confidential VIN check"
  40. 218-04 What time does the DO have to notify the borough they are bringing property to lab?
    0030 hrs
  41. 218-18 How many sets of photos are taken for stolen vehicles when an arrest is made?
    • 1 set for ADA and every perp arrests
    • *1 for Corp Counsel if arrest involves juv and adult prisoners
  42. 218-08 What is the order for Marijuana on an invoice when its vouchered?
    • #1 Positive field test
    • #2 Neg field test
    • #3 remaining -not tested
  43. 218-13 When can you open a closed container during an inventory search of a vehicle?
    always but try to get key first
  44. 218-10 What items ALWAYS get a seperate security envelope?
    Jewelry, Cash, Hypos
  45. 218-23 Where do you mark discharged shell casings?
    Inside only (if too small/deformed mark, write initials and unique consecutive number on the container/envelope in which the shell casing is packaged.
  46. 218-23 What is the listing order for firearms etc on a PCI?
    • 1. Firearm
    • 2. Mag
    • 3. Cartridge from Chamber
    • 4. Cartridge from firearm
    • 5. silencer
    • 6. accesories
    • followed by next firearm, cartridge at scene on person, cartridge at scene, shell casing, fired bullets, unfired bullets at scene
  47. 218-35 What currency do you not stamp?
    • Blood stained
    • Foreign/forfeiture
    • Unaltered-marked
    • Numismatic
    • Dye stained
    • Sentimental
  48. 218-23 Where do you mark a fired bullet?
    Bottom Only
  49. 218-33 a) How long after a sexual offense must a SECK kit be used?
    b) How long after drug facilitated sex assault must a BUS kit be used?
    • a) within 72 hrs of offense
    • b) within 96 hrs from victim last drink remembered
  50. 218-01 When can you cancel a car alarm for a recovered auto?
    When owner takes poss. or vehicle arrives at ro tow facility
  51. 218-12 Who makes entries in the property log for safeguarding a vehicle?
    Command Clerk
  52. 218-12 Where do you place the sticker for a)safeguarding a vehicle? b) ro tow? c) derelict vehivcle?
    • a)safeguarding: outside windshield
    • b)ro tow: street side
    • c) derelict vehicle: driver side window
  53. 218-19 When must a vehicle be seized when it is used as arrest evidence?
    • I CLAW GUS
    • Illegal reg and PL charges forgery etc
    • CPSP vehicle
    • Leaving scene and SILD
    • Altered VIN
    • Weapon-used as assualt or Homicide
    • GLA
    • Unauthorized use
    • Supv calls ADA for determination
  54. 218-09 What items get a seperate voucher if they are going to the Lab or ME's office?
    • USC
    • Jewelry
    • Guns
    • Drugs/MJ
    • Blood/DNA
  55. 218-33 What is entered on the top of a BUS or SECK kit?
    Dr and Vict name
  56. 218-35 What do you do with mutilated/unstamped funds before fwd to property clerk?
    Manilla envelope
  57. 218-33 Where does the DO send the green copy of the invoice for a BUS or SECK kit to?
    CO of Sqd investigating
  58. 218-36 When do you have to call the property clerk regarding vouchered currency?
    more than 2,000 bills
  59. 218-09 Who gets biohazard stickers and from where, when there is no more?
    DO from quartermaster
  60. 218-31 Before unplugging a computer that is evidence what must be done?
    photograph monitor
  61. 218-23 Who do we call for emergency firearm traces? if not available?
    • Request direct to Supv at OCCB, JFTF
    • * Not available call OCCB, FOD
  62. 218-09 What must be done with flamables after they are vouchered in a clean, airtight, metal or glass container?
    Immediately deliver to lab
  63. 218-09 How do you voucher flamables?
    in a clean, airtight, metal or glass container
  64. 218-12How long can a vehicle not required as evidence or forfeiture be safe guarded at a precinct?
    48 hrs
  65. 218-10 Who obtains additional lead seals and from where, when needed?
    The Operations Coordinator gets from property clerk
  66. 218-25 If a hypo may contain prints or forensic evidence who do we safeguard it for?
    Crime Scene Unit
  67. 218-03 What is the purpose of an inventory search of automobiles?
    • 1) protect property
    • 2) safeguard against claims of theft
    • 3) protect UMOS and others from dangerous instruments
  68. 218-13 What are A/L log entry cross referenced to when property of little value is listed in the AL?
    With the PCI # of valuables removed
  69. 218-26 Who vouchers found property turned in at S/H?
    Command Clerk
  70. 218-23 Who must initial the note in remarks of voucher that a firearm is unloaded?
  71. 218-33 What crimes is the sexual evidence collection kit used for?
    • Rape
    • Sodomy (Criminal Sexual Act)
    • Sex Abuse
    • Sexual Misconduct
  72. 218-10 How is angel dust packaged?
    Placed in plastic security envelope then narcotics envelope, then plastic security envelope
  73. 218-33 Who must the DO direct to respond to hospital and pick up BUS or SECK kit?
    Assigned Detective
  74. 218-36 What is considered numismatic/sentimental currency?
    • 1) all gold coins
    • 2) US silver coins 1964 and before
    • 3) extremely old bills
    • 4) special marking/encased
  75. 218-07 If UMOS is not A/O on PCI how can they get evidence out of property clerk?
    Written authorization from his/her CO
  76. 218-21 When do you ro tow a vehicle?
    • A DMV N
    • Apparently abandoned
    • Driveway tow program
    • Motorcycle
    • Vehicle Alarm
    • Non evidence
  77. IO 11s09 What kind of DNA exemplar swabs can go on 1 voucher as seperate items?
    Elimination Consent and Victim Consent
  78. IO 2s09 When is only time you fill out a 3rd sheet-request for lab exam?
    When there are 6 or more items on the voucher
  79. 218-08 What is the total amount of Marijuana containers/cigarettes from 1 specific person that can be field tested?
  80. 218-38 Regarding $ and probable cause exists that currency facilitated crime or is proceeds of a crime when does UMOS call Asset Forfeiture and get a AFU log #?
    $1,000 or more
  81. 218-48 If a vehicle is seized at time of arrest the PCMV/B and vehicle seizure form must be faxed (and mailed next day) to the Legal Bureau, where is this documented?
    Telephone record
  82. 218-48 How does CO ensure compliance with vehicle seizure at time or arrest proceedure?
    By making it a mandatory monthly self inspection
  83. IO 19s10 How many bags or boxes of fireworks can be transported in Dept cago van
    No more than 25
  84. IO 19s10 How many bags of fireworks can be transported in an RMP?
    4 bags
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