SOG 1000

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  1. 1.1 purpose
    1Assign the responsibility for IC to a perticular individual through a standard idendifacation system depending on sequential arrival of officers 2 Ensure that strong direct and visible command is set up as early as possible in the operation 3 Establish an effective framework outlineing the activities and responsibilities assigned to command 4 Provide a system for the orderly tranfer of command
  2. 1.3 Responsibilities
    Chief officers shall have a thorugh knowledge of the ICS and shall initiate it as required and operate in it at all incidents Chief officers will monitor the use and evaluate the efectiveness of the ICS
  3. 1.3 Benchmarks
    All clear - primary search complete Under control - Fire is cotrolled forward progress stoped and no additional units required Loss stopped - Property conservation complete
  4. 2.2 Command structure configuation
    Strategic level - overall command Tactical level - direction of sectors and functions Task level - company activities
  5. 2.3 Operational stratagy
    Offensive - aggressive interior action with related support undertaken to bring incident under control Marginal - actions taken in difficult situations occurring when the situation requires a cautious offensive action while constantly monitoring the conditions for change which require a quick retreat to a deffensive possition Defensive - An exterior action taken to stabilize and prevent further escalation of the incedent and attain eventual control
  6. 3.2 Initial report
    Unit ID on scene assume comand and location Incident description, size, constuction, # involved Obvious fire conditions or emergency conditions Any obvious safty conserns
  7. 4.2 Briefing
    General status - location and extent - effectivness of control efforts - safety considerations Deployment and assignment of companies and resources An appraisal of needs of additional resources
  8. 6.1 Responsibilities of IC on initial assumtion of command
    1 Assume command in an effective position 2 Rapidly size up incident 3 Initiate maintain and control the communication process in and out of the scene 4 Identify and communicate the overall stratagy 5 Develop an effective organized emergancy scene and assign names to sides of building ABCD A is where primary entry is made 6 continue to work in command framework 7 co0ordinate tranfer of command 8 Request and assign additional resources 9 Return companies to service as soon as possible and terminate command
  9. 8.2 risk managment
    risk to save savable lives, risk a little in calculated manour, will not risk for whats lost
  10. 8.4 Officers shall work in the following guidelines
    Maintain awareness of position and function of all membersoperating under you to ensure accountability of all personnel. Be prepared and in a position to evacuate all personnel from building or area upon receipt of evauate. Acount for all personnel as soon as possible after an evacuation and report to command. Always chose and maintain an escape route. Engage only the minimum number of personnel in hazardous situations.
  11. 8.7 Saftey officer
    IC may decide to apoint a safety officer. Safety officer reports directly to IC on safety conserns. SO can overide a decision of an officer if an immediate hazard is present that the officer is unawhare of.
  12. 8.4 Officers shall work in the following guidlines
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