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  1. agenda setting
    the ability to influence which issues receive attention from governments and international organizations by giving them publicity.
  2. arbitrage
    the selling of one currency (or product) and purchase of another to make a profit on the changing exchange rates; traders (�arbitragers�) help to keep states� currencies in balance through their speculative efforts to buy large quantities of devalued currencies and sell them in countries where they are valued more highly.
  3. digital divide
    the division between those states that have a high proportion of Internet users and hosts, and those that do not.
  4. global village
    a popular image used to describe the growth of awareness that all people share a common fate, stemming from a view that the world is an integrated and interdependent whole.
  5. globalization
    a set of processes that are widening, deepening, and accelerating the interconnectedness among societies.
  6. globalization of finance
    the increasing transnationalization of national markets through the worldwide integration of capital flows.
  7. nontariff barrier
    governmental restrictions not involving a tax or duty that increase the cost of importing goods into a country.
  8. strategic corporate alliances
    cooperation between MNCs and foreign companies in the same industry, driven by the movement of MNC manufacturing overseas.
  9. tariff
    a tax imposed by governments on imported goods.
  10. trade integration
    economic globalization measured by the extent to which world trade volume grows faster than the world�s combined gross domestic product.
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