business 100 chapter 8 part 1

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  1. operations management
    all activites managers engadge in to produce goods and services
  2. mass production
    a manufacturing process that lowers the cost required to produce a large number of identical or similar products over a long period of time
  3. analytical process
    a process in operations managementb in which raw materials are broken into different component parts
  4. synthetic process
    a process in operations managment in which raw materials or components are combined to create a finished product
  5. Utility
    the ability of a good or service to satisfy a human need
  6. form utility
    utility created by people converting raw materials, finances, and information into finished products
  7. service economy
    an economy in which more effort is devoted to the production of services than to the production of goods
  8. research and development
    a set of activites intended to identify new ideas that have the potenital to result in new goods and services
  9. design planning
    the development of a plan for cvonverting a product idea into an actual product or service
  10. product line
    a group of similar products that differ only in relative minor characteristics
  11. product design
    the process of creating a set of specifications from which a product can be produced
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business 100 chapter 8 part 1
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