Vocab Unit 9

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  1. abate
    lessen or demolish; v.
  2. adulation
    praise or flattery; n.
  3. anathema
    object of hatred; n.
  4. astute
    crafty, shrewd; adj.
  5. avarice
    greedy for wealth; n.
  6. culpable
    guilty; adj.
  7. dilatory
    late, to delay; adj.
  8. egregious
    obvious; adj.
  9. equivocate
    to speak in a way for more than one interpretation; v.
  10. evanescent
    vanishing quickly; adj.
  11. irresolute
    unable to make up one's mind; adj.
  12. nebulous
    cloudy, unclear; adj.
  13. novice
    a beginner; n.
  14. penury
    extreme poverty; n.
  15. pretentious
    done for show; adj.
  16. recapitulate
    to review; v.
  17. resuscitate
    to revive; v.
  18. slovenly
    dirty; adj.
  19. supposition
    something that is assumed; n.
  20. torpid
    sluggish, inactive; adj.
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