Korem Profiling

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  1. Define snapshot read
    A short two-line description, useful in many short-term, noncritical interactions.
  2. Define fine-tuned read
    Identify specific positive and negative actions, useful in most critical long-term interactions
  3. Define comprehensive profile
    This includes general strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of the subject as well as suggestions for interaction
  4. What are the four rules of systematic accuracy?
    1. People typically act in consistent, similar ways called traits. The combination of two or more traits results in a type. The combination of two or more types results in a profile

    2. Always measure different peoples traits with the same gauges or questions

    3. Repeat all measurements to ensure accuracy

    4. The best questions or gauges focus on actions that are related to what you want to predict
  5. Define the term read
    In this context read means to identify a specific action
  6. Define the term action
    An action is a specifically observable behavior, e.g. speech, demeanor, body language
  7. Define the term gatekeeping
    Gatekeeping is making a quick assessment of a person and then looking for information that will confirm their initial hunches, this is a common mistake made by interviewers
  8. Define the term trait
    When several similar actions are observed that follow a pattern and can be grouped together
  9. Define the term type
    In the same way that actions are grouped together to form a trait, traits can be grouped together to form a type
  10. Define stereotype
    The tendency to overgeneralize when profiling, this commonly leads to errors
  11. Typical control actions
    Private, controlled, introverted, quiet, suspicious, introspective, indifferent, detailed, thoughtful, pensive
  12. Typical express actions
    Outgoing, emotional, sensitive, fiery, explosive, passionate, short-fused, dramatic, extroverted, expressive
  13. Positive extreme control
    Mr. Spock
  14. Positive extreme express
    Jimmy Buffett
  15. Negative extreme control
    Mr. Blond
  16. Negative extreme express
    Mellisa Avalo
  17. Typical ask actions
    Inquisitive, curious, appear uninformed or naive, agreeable, non-assertive, altruistic, weak, indirect, laid back
  18. Typical tell actions
    Strong, confident, overbearing, assertive, outgoing, unsympathetic, egotistical, directive, forceful
  19. Positive extreme ask
    Bob Newhart
  20. Positive extreme tell
    Capt. Kirk
  21. Negative extreme ask
    Neville Chamberlain
  22. Negative extreme tell
    Adolf Hitler
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