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  1. Abase
    to degrade, to humiliate
  2. Abbreviate – to shorten, to diminish
  3. Abolish
    to do away with
  4. Abstracted
    removed in thought from the immediate situation, lost in one’s own mind
  5. Abstruse
    difficult to understand, recondite, concealed
  6. Abyss
    bottomless hole, a vast expanse or depth
  7. Acrid
    caustic, bitter, harsh (relates to taste or smell)
  8. Adherent
    a follower of something (e.g. leader, party, philosophy, profession)
  9. Adulation
    extreme praise or admiration
  10. Advocacy
    support of an idea or cause
  11. Alcove
    partially enclosed extension of a room or part of a room
  12. Allure
    to influence, sway, or entice with some tempting appeal
  13. Aloof
    apart, indifferent
  14. Amulet
    a charm or ornament worn to protect against evil
  15. Anchor
    to secure firmly
  16. Anthology
    an assortment or collection of selected pieces of literature or art
  17. Apathy
    a lack of concern or feeling, indifference
  18. Archaic
    antiquated, old, out of use
  19. Articulate
    to speak distinctly, expressing oneself clearly
  20. Astronomical
    inconceivably large
  21. Austere
    strict, stern; unadorned, ascetic
  22. Authoritative
    coming from the proper authority; dictatorial; conclusive
  23. Avarice
    greed for wealth
  24. Balk
    to defeat, check, or stop as if by a barrier
  25. Balm
    a soothing substance or one that gives relief
  26. Barbarism
    the incorrect usage of words or forms of language
  27. Benevolence
    kindness, generosity, charity
  28. Bestow
    to grant or to give
  29. Bloat
    to swell; to become turgid
  30. Bourgeois
    a person with the traits or viewpoints of the bourgeoisie
  31. Calamity
    a serious event causing distress or misfortune
  32. Camouflage
    concealment by means of disguise
  33. Capitulate
    to surrender
  34. Caricature
    portrayal where features are distorted, parody
  35. Cascade
    a steep waterfall or series of waterfalls, a continuous series
  36. Chronic
    marked by long duration or by frequent recurrence over a long period
  37. Clamor
    loud noise or shouting
  38. Clandestine
  39. Commodious
    affording ample space and room; adapted to or suitable for use
  40. Communal
    pertaining to a group or community
  41. Compatibility
    harmony, ability to get along together
  42. Compilation
    accumulation of many things
  43. Conspicuous
    obvious, noticeable, attracting attention
  44. Constrict
    to tighten or to make narrow
  45. Contempt
    scorn, extreme dislike or disdain
  46. Copious
  47. Corrugated
    bent into folds
  48. Corrupt
    to ruin or destroy morally
  49. Credible
    reliable and believable
  50. Credulous
    believing on slight evidence, gullible
  51. Cumbersome
    difficult to handle, unwieldy
  52. Cynical
    given to faultfinding, sneering, and sarcasm; exhibiting mocking disbelief
  53. Daunt
    to intimidate, to dismay
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