Socio Vocab Ch 11

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  1. Bisexual
    Prson that is sexually atracted to both sexes
  2. Equal Value
    Establisment of gender-nuetral terms in any job.
  3. Essentialism
    Masculinity n femine based on biologikl differences btwn M&F
  4. Gender
    Cultural distinction btwn masculinity n femine
  5. Gender discrimination
    Men n Women reward differently but done same job
  6. Gender Identity
    Prson`s identification to sense of belong to a particular sex- biologiklly,socially,pychologically
  7. Gender ideology
    Set of ideas that are link together to define what is appropiate for masculinity n feminine roles n behaviour
  8. Gender role
    Set of behaviour (expectations) of how M&F should act
  9. Glass ceiling
    Social barrier that stop a woman to raise to the top
  10. Heterosexuality
    Sexual preference to the opposite sex.
  11. Homophobic
    Prson that is afraid of homosexuals
  12. Homosexual
    Prson that is sexually atracted to the same sex
  13. Harassment
    Quid pro quo sexual harassment: sexual treats made a condition of employment decisions.

    Hostile environment sexual harassment: involves sexual jokes,touching,comments that make the work atmosphere unfriendly
  14. Intersexed
    Babies that dont born with genitals, n are created by surgery n hormones
  15. Sex
    Biological distinction btwn Male n Female
  16. Transgendered
    Ppl that want to behave as the sex they "should born"
  17. Transsexual
    Transgendered prson that change his/her phisical appareance by surgury
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