march 20 micro notes

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  1. phenols
    • penetrate plasma membrane
    • phenol: rarley used becuase of distinct odor and irritating qualities
    • phenolics and bisphenols
  2. phenol coefficient
    chemical agents evaluated relative to phenol
  3. halogens
    • iodine inhibts protien function
    • chlorine alters cellular components
    • effective in disenfecting water, dairy equiptment, utensils, glassware
  4. biguanides
    • disruption of plasma membrane
    • skin disinfection
    • kills bactera may work with organic compound
  5. alcohol
    • protien denaturation and lipid dissolution
    • ethanol and isopropyl
    • require some water to be effective
    • not effective against endospores or viruses
  6. blah
  7. soaps and detergents
    • mechanical removal of microbes through scrubbing
    • emulsification of oils increases bacterial removal
  8. acid
    • anionic agens used in dairy industry
    • enzyme disruption
  9. quaternary ammonium compounds
    • work best against gram + bacteria
    • less effective agains gram -
    • enzyme inibition, protien denaturation and disrupts plasma membrane
    • kills fungi and viruses
    • psuedomonas resistant
  10. aldehyde
    • protein denatuation
    • react with organic functional groups
    • glutaraladehyde andformaldehyde
    • disinfect medical equiptment
  11. heavy metals
    • denaturation of enzymes and protiens
    • toxic
    • silver nitrate used on infant eyes (replaced by antibiotics)
    • copper sulfate- algicide
    • mercury toxicity and resistant
    • zinc choloride and oxide in toothpaste
  12. acid and bases
    • ph extremes inhibit growth of bacteria
    • acid (pickles and tomatoes)
    • trisodium
    • propinoic acid in bread
    • benzoic acid in soft drinks
  13. gases
    • very penetrating
    • possible carcinogen
    • does not damage intruments but expensive to use
  14. ozone
    being used in water treatment
  15. hydrogen peroxide
    surface disinfecting
  16. benzoyl peroxide
    skin treatment
  17. peracetic acid
    used in food processing cuz residue is non toxic
  18. ethylene oxide
    stronger oxidizer and alkylating agent
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