business 100 chapter 8 part 3

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  1. inspection
    the examination o the quality of work in progress
  2. quality circle
    a team of employers who meet on company time to solve problems of product quality
  3. six sigma
    a disiplined approach that relies on strategical data and improved methods to eliminate deficits for a firms products and services
  4. automation
    the total of near-total use of machines to do work
  5. robotics
    the use of programable machines to preform a variety of tasks by manipulating materials and tools
  6. Computer-aided design
    the use of computers to aid in the development of products
  7. computer-aided manufacturing
    the use of computers to plan and control manufacturing processes
  8. computer-integrated manufacturing
    a computer system that not only helps the design products but also controls the machinary needed to produce the finished product
  9. continuous process
    a manufacturing process in which a firm produces the same products over a long period of time
  10. flexable manufacturing system
    a single production system that combines robotics and computr-integrated manufacturing
  11. intermittent process
    a manufacturing process in which a firms manufacturing machines and equiptment are changed to produce different products
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business 100 chapter 8 part 3
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