TG Types of angles

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  1. What is a acute angle?
    Acute angles are angles that are less than 90 degrees.

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  2. What is a obtuse angle?
    • Obtuse angles are angles that are more then 90 and less than 180 degrees.
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  3. What is a reflex angle?
    • Reflex angles are angles that are more than 180 degrees
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  4. What is a right angle angle?
    • Right angle are angles that measure 90 degrees
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  5. What is a complmentary angle?
    • Complmentary angles are two angles whose sum is 90 degrees
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  6. What is a supplementary angle?
    • Supplementary angles are two angles whose sum is 180 degrees
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  7. What is a vertically opposite angle?
    • Vertically opposite angle are formed when two straight lines cross
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    • Vertically opposite angles are always equal.

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