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  1. Groundwater makes up what percent of the world's fresh water?
  2. Water in open spaces between grains
  3. Upper limit of zone of saturation
    Water Table
  4. Area above water table; includes mostly air
    Zone of Aeration
  5. All of open spaces in sediment and rock completely water filled
    Zone of Saturation
  6. The zone of aeration is also known as...
    Unsaturated Zone
  7. Extends upward from water table; groundwater held by surface tension in tiny passages between grains of soil or sediment
    Capillary Fringe
  8. Water held by molecular attraction on soil particles
    Belt of Soil Moisture
  9. The percentage of a material's volume that is open pore space
  10. The measure of the interconnectedness of pore spaces; ability to transmit fluid
  11. Permeable rock that transmits water freely; high permeability; ex. gravel and sand
  12. Rock or soil layer that does not transmit water easily; low permeability; ex. clay
  13. Groundwater is moved by...
  14. Groundwater is moved from areas of _____ pressure to areas of _____ pressure
    High; Low
  15. Groundwater may move up to _____ meters per day or less than a few _____/day
    250; cm
  16. Additions to the zone of saturation
    Recharge areas
  17. Natural recharge
    Rainfall or snowmelt
  18. Withdrawals from groundwater
    Discharge areas
  19. Examples of discharge areas (4)
    Lakes, streams, swamps, springs
  20. Artificial recharge
    Wastewater treatment plants or recharge ponds
  21. The zone of aeration includes the belt of moisture.....
  22. Water table intersects Earth's surface; natural outflow of groundwater
  23. A spring can be caused by a _____ water table
  24. An aquitard creating localized zone of saturation
    Perched water table
  25. Heated by cooling igneous rock underground
    Hot springs
  26. Intermittent hot spring; erupts with great force; occur where underground chambers exist within hot igneous rock
  27. A hole drilled or dug into the zone of saturation allowing water to percolate
    Water Well
  28. Ground collapses and compresses
  29. Excessive withdrawal in coastal areas causes saltwater to be drawn into wells, contaminating freshwater supply
    Saltwater Intrusion
  30. Recharge less than discharge
    Groundwater non-renewable resource
  31. Loose grains of aquifer are packed tighter as pore spaces collapse
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