Medical Terminology Integumentary

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  1. onycho
  2. histo
  3. lacto
  4. mast/mammo
  5. pilo
  6. thelo
  7. melano
  8. xero
  9. pyo
  10. ecchymosis
    large, purple spot cause by bleeding into the skin (bruise)
  11. decubitus ulcer
    open sour cause by pressure or friction
  12. gangrene
    death of a tissue due to loss of blood to that area
  13. melanoma
    maligament tumor of the skin
  14. onychitis
    inflammation of the nail
  15. petechiae
    pin-point hemerage in the skin cause by vascular/blood disorder
  16. gynecomastia
    abnormal enlargemnt of the male breast
  17. nevus
    sking leasion/mole
  18. keloid
    large thick scar develops from over-collagen formation during tissue repaire
  19. alopecia
    loss of hair/boldness
  20. vitiligo
    lack of skin pigmentation
  21. tinea
    fungi infection of skin/ringworm
  22. mastalgia
    breast pain
  23. cellulitis
    inflammation of skin layer
  24. eczema
    superifical skin condition sign/sympton, itichign, redness with unknow cause
  25. impetigo
    superifical, highly contaigious skin leasion cause by strap and steph infection
  26. scabies
    contaigious sking erruption cause by mite under the sking
  27. laceration
    wound with jagged edge
  28. contusion
    aka bruise skin that is not borken, swelling, discoloration cause by blow to the skin
  29. burn 1 degree
    superifical, redness, swalling, no blister
  30. burn 2 degree
    with blister, effects the epi and dermis layers
  31. burn 3 degree
    deformation of skin, bone, and muscle, effects all 3 layer with extensive scaring
  32. mastectomy
    removal of breast
  33. mammoplasty
    repair of breast
  34. biopsy(bx)
    microscopic exam of tissue
  35. frozen section
    when tissue is wet, frozen and cut. a rapid process that allows the dr to exam the speciman during surgey
  36. skin grafting
    tissue is transplant to a damage body part to replace it
  37. debridement
    removal of dead, damage, tissue or foreign
  38. incision/drainage
    to cut and drain
  39. fulguration
    destruction of unwanted tissue using electrical energy in teh form of sparks
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