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  1. the pen being permitted to move freely accross the page without any concious intervention on the part of the author is what?
    Automatic writing
  2. Surrealist work between 1924 and 1929 was concerned with trying to find ways of releaseing what?
    uncensored language of the unconcious
  3. T/F Rene margitte's painting The Reckless Sleeper exemplified the surrealist attempt to engage with the process of dreamwork.
  4. What did Freud regard as the underpining of human exsistance and actions?
    Libido/sexual desire
  5. Psycoanalysis was originally intended to have what effect?
  6. What religion was a target of surrealists throughout the 1920s?
    Catholic Church
  7. Who was Andre Breton?
    Self styled leader of the surrealist artists and writers
  8. Aundre Breton wrote what surrealist document?
    First manifesto of surrealism
  9. Who wrote the publication 'First Manifesto of Surrealism'
    Aundre Breton
  10. Who are the two men who's theories were combined in Surrealism?
    Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud
  11. What was not just an art movement but a self-concious revolutionary cultural project that ranged beyond the conventional boundries of art and literature?
  12. T/F Battle of the Fishes does nhot demonstrait how Masson negotiated the impasse of automatism to produce a finished work
  13. The Battle of the Fishes evokes a scene from what novel?
  14. Who was the writer of Maldoror
    le comte de lautreamont
  15. Author of Maldoror and who was one of a pantheon of literary and other heros selected by the surrealists to establish cultural precedents for their own activities
    le comte de lauteamont
  16. where was Dali's first one person exhibition held?
  17. Who's work has a recurrent engagement with the construction of feminity, staged in different seneros within photographs?
  18. the frontal positioning and lighting of Self-Portrait by Cahun evoke photographic portraits of what occultists?
    Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley
  19. an inner vision, a redirecting of focus towards the envisioning of the unconcious is shows by what in Self-Portrait?
    Blaked out eyes
  20. what kovement was oppenheim part of
  21. what movement was dali part of?
  22. what movement was Magritte part of?
  23. What movement was Masson part of?
  24. What movement was Cahun part of?
  25. Breker was whose favorite sculptor?
  26. what was the one group of artists not invited to the exposition international in paris
  27. This artist believed that an artist should paint to unload his instincts, desire and feelings
  28. Stephen Spender; implicity identified this painting as a form of new realism by noting that its flickering monochrome and its flatness evoked the newsreals, photographs, and newspapers to which Picasso owed his knowlage of the horror he depicted
  29. What movement was Picasso part of
  30. this artist was often described as the quintessential 1930s artist
  31. This artist paintings, posters and magazine illustrations became emblamatic of the struggle against social injustice
  32. This artist's figurative painting seeminly makes few cocessions in the direction of Abstract art
  33. This artist work highlights the banality of the ordinary and the everyday
  34. T/F/ One effect of the depression was to stimulate many american artist to develop an art that was responsive to its immediate social context.
  35. who wrote the essay "Avant Gaurd and kitch"
  36. what artist is arguably the caribbean artist who is most well known in the west?
  37. this artist refered to his art as "the expression of contemporary aims of the age that we're living in"
  38. In Rothko's early work of the 1940s he drew upon what sources?
    mythological, archaie and hellenic in orgin
  39. What artist said "I comunicate them more directly than your friend Ben Shahn, who is essentially a journalist/"
  40. What painter did pollock train with
    Thomas Heart Benton
  41. Gottlieb's Labyrinth No2 the imagry is reminiscent of that Tribes blankets?
  42. Wjp omsosted tjat Abstract Expressionist paintings were the outcome of the artists confrontation with predetermined formal problems
  43. What group was hamilton part of?
    British independant group
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