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  1. born into what kind of family?
  2. where did he go to school?
    • boarding school at age 10
    • was bullied there
  3. what did he embrace?
  4. known as a champion for who?
    • the opressed
    • *underdog
  5. name of pamplet he wrote about atheism?
    on necessity of atheism
  6. what happened after he realesed the pamphlett?
    • got expelled from oxford even though he thought it was an amazing writing
    • **scandalized his family
  7. thomas hogg?
    friend at oxford who helped him write the pamphlet
  8. what did he do when he went to scotland?
    eloped with harriet westbrook
  9. how was harriet abused by her father?
    he made her go to school
  10. who did he abandon harriet for?
    mary wollstonecraft godwin
  11. what did he view himself as?
    an outcast
  12. what did harriet do after she divorced shelley?
    drowned herself
  13. masterpiece?
    prometheus unbound
  14. how did he die?
    drowned when his boat capsized
  15. what did byron think of shelley?
    • he thought he was the best man he ever knew
    • *said this ever shelley died
  16. how many kids did he have?
  17. full name?
    percy byshe shelley
  18. wrote?
    • ozymandias
    • ode to the west wind
  19. what happened when mary, percy and byron where living together?
    bryon gets claire pregnant and they blame shelley
  20. claire claremont?
    • moves in with shelly, mary and byron
    • **scandal
  21. ozymandias?
    • fame is fleeting
    • he was mighty when he was alive, doesnt mean you'll be famous forever
    • *the mighty fall sooner of later
  22. another name for ozymandias?
    ramsys II
  23. Ode to the west wind?
    • represents a life cycle, seasons change throughout poem
    • senses are present
  24. what does death equate to in ode to west wind?
    equates to winter, falling of leaves
  25. how is wind and destroyed and preserver? *from ode to west wind
    • blows seeds everywhere (renew) -preserve
    • but also destroys old plants
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