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  1. type of family?
    • wealthy
    • 4 kids
  2. Charles Cowden Clarke?
    • teacher who influenced him
    • *channeled his energy into reading and poetry
  3. mom died from?
  4. who was keats engaged to ? why did he break it off?
    • Fanny Brawne
    • breaks off engagement because he's dying
  5. Richard Abbey?
    • appointed guardian of kids
    • *spent 8000lbs of their $
  6. who apprenticed keats? and of what job?
    • richard abbey
    • apothecary (medicine)
  7. Endymion?
    4000 line poem that was not well recieved
  8. how did he contract TB?
    • went to visit the lake district, came back with TB
    • died at age 26 in italy
  9. who did keats take care of?
    his brother because he had TB
  10. how did his dad die?
    riding accident when keats was 8
  11. wrote?
    • ode on a grecian urn
    • when i have fears that i made cease to be
  12. when i have fears that i may cease to be?
    • he never got to write everything he wanted to say
    • *knew he was gonna die, poem talks about what he'll miss out on that he wants to do
  13. ode on a grecian urn?
    a picture is worth 1000 words
  14. what is the urn a symbol of?
    • imunability
    • *not changeable
  15. how many sides does urn have?
  16. 1st side of urn?
    • people having a party of wild exctasy
    • meaning: love will never change, she will always be beautiful
  17. 2nd side?
    villagers are about to perform a sacrifice of a cow
  18. story urn tells?
    cold and passionate
  19. meaning of "beauty is truth, truth beauty"?
    • truth is beautiful
    • truth and beauty are alike: something so beautiful that in it we can see the truth and pureness
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