BJ French Revolution

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  1. When did the king call the Estates-General?
    May, 1789
  2. Why did the king call the Estates-General?
    He really needed money.
  3. Where did the king meet the Estates-General?
    Outside of Paris at the Palace of Versailles.
  4. In the past, each Estate had _____ vote.
  5. _________wanted some really big changes.
    Third Estate
  6. What did the king let the Third Estate have? This caused what?
    So many representatives as the first two Estates. This was doubling the Third Esate.
  7. Who wanted each man to have one vote?
  8. The bourgeoise wanted all the Estates to ___________.
    meet together
  9. The bourgeoise thought that maybe they could get _____ and have a ________.
  10. Support
  11. What did the king say to the bourgeoise at first?
  12. Who refused to go home?
    Third Estate
  13. Where did the Third Estate meet?
    In an indoor tennis court.
  14. What did the Third Estate swear?
    An oath never to separate until they wrote a constitution.
  15. What did the Third Estate call themselves?
    The National Assembly
  16. The king finally _________ and let the Estates meet together.
    gave in
  17. What did King Louis XVI do to the situation?
    Aggravate it.
  18. Who did Louis XVI become afraid of?
    Third Estate
  19. As a result of Louis XVI's fear he did what?
    Gather an army between Paris and Versaille.
  20. How did King Louis XVI further upset his people?
    By firing his popular finance minister
  21. Who was the popular finance minister?
  22. When did a mob attack the Bastille?
    July 14, 1789
  23. The mob attacking the Bastille was what?
    The first violence of the Revolution.
  24. What was the the Bastille?
    A prison
  25. How did people feel about the Bastille?
    They felt that innocent victims were locked in there.
  26. What did the mobs want out of the Bastille?
    Weapons, and the cannon.
  27. It was the first ______ of the evil of the Acien Regime.
  28. How long did the Reign of Terror last?
    From the summer of 1793 - the summer of 1794.
  29. Why did the Revolutionist feel threatened?
    France was being invaded.
  30. The Revoulutionists wanted to kill all their enemies especially_____.
    The aristeo.
  31. Who hunted down suspects of contacting the nobles?
    The committee of Public Safety.
  32. What was used to behead people?
  33. How many people were beheaded?
  34. What happened to the other victims?
    Burned or drowned.
  35. Even the ______ and _______ were beheaded.
    King and Queen
  36. Who was the famous leader of the Reign of Terror?
  37. When Robespierre was finally beheaded what happened?
    The Reign of Terror finally ended.
  38. Name the 3 things the people tried to get?
    • Liberty
    • Equality
    • Fraternity
  39. All privileges were ______ so everyone was equal.
  40. What did France become after the Revolution?
    A Republic with elected officials and Representatives
  41. How was France divided?
    Into 83 departments.
  42. What was confiscated?
    Church lands
  43. Even the _______ had to be elected by the people.
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