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  1. Image of neptune rising from the sea
    • represents agustus saving Rome from forign and domestic enemys
    • such as Egypt
    • ushering in the Pax romana in 31 BC
  2. Imagry of Aneas killing the deer
    • theme of 7, only killing enough to to survive
    • does not let fear show
  3. Bee simile
    • walls, walls of rome
    • workers like bees
    • irony, complementing troy even though its to be destroyed
  4. Pietas
    • Loyalty, duty
    • responsibility to: god, country, family, destiny, self
    • speech of Aneas to his men, to be not afriad
  5. Hectors speech to Aneas
    • destiny is to leave Troy
    • If troy falls, it wasm't fated to, Rome is the new Troy
    • Passing of Torch to Aneas, you are the new leader
    • Crossing of the sea, Aneas and men undergo trials and toils and tribulations
  6. Goal of Anead
    If you do not make sacrifices, Rome will not continue to be great
  7. Jupider to Venus
    • Nationalism patirotism
    • Propoganda
    • Turnus and Rutilians
    • Latium
    • Alba Longa, Ascanius leaves and establishes Albin kings
    • Roman empire, toga represents the Race that owns all races
    • Rome conques greece in 168 BC
    • Julius Caesar expanded Roman empire
    • Augustus, end to wars, economic prosperity, laws and civilization, god of war with his hands tied
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