philiosophy 102 b midterm

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  1. philip haley(institutionalized crualty)
    most often the victim does not recognize the crualty happening is wrong, and not justified; the ultimate goodness in all of this is one's ability to provide hospitality and humanity
  2. relativist
    there are no standards for bad morality
  3. Fredrich neitzsche
    believed that mankind is "as-yet-undetermined animal; believed in life-affirming virtues, as opposed to life denying, or safe virtues
  4. golden mean
    having some pride is fine, but too much is bad
  5. Utolitarianism (john stuart mill, Jeremy Betham)
    your action augments happiness, metaethic is consiquentilaism, and has no religious basis
  6. consiquentilaism
    the goal of humanity is to be happy
  7. henduism
    they only pay attention to there own pleasure and happiness (of which is life-denying)
  8. Utolitartianism (how to decide what makes you happy when making decisions)
    Intensity, duration, certainty, freuidity,propinquity, purity, extent
  9. freuidity
    pleasures that keep on giving
  10. propinquity
    the closeness of space & time
  11. extent
    who all will be effected by my decision
  12. catagorical imperative (Kaunt)
    Always act, so that the maxim (summary) of your action can at the same time be willed to be universal moral law; dont take advantage of others; there is a meaning in the purpose of the universe
  13. stoicism
    to deal with alot of grief, to have a stiff upper lip; vague on personal morals, more toward social morals
  14. RAWLS theory of justice (metaethic)
    any moral therory worth anything should capture a ordinary moral judgement, andexplains our moraal judgements
  15. RAWLS theory of justice (pproposed metaethic)
    a hybrid of pure capitalism and pure communism
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