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  1. What are the units of force
  2. What are the units of distance
  3. What are the units of time
  4. What is the unit of momentum
  5. What is the unit of speed
  6. What is the unit of acceleration
  7. On a distance time graph what does a straight line represent?
    A stationary object
  8. What does the gradient on a distance time graph represent?
    The speed of an object
  9. How do you calculate the gradient on a graph
    Divide the change on the Y axis by the change on the x axis
  10. What does a horizontal line on a velocity time graph mean?
    Constant Speed
  11. What does a steep line on a velocity time graph show
    Fast acceleration
  12. The area under a velocity time graph represents
    Distance travelled
  13. "What is the equation involving force
    mass and acceleration"
  14. A car has a mass of 2000 kg and is accelerating at 4m/s2 what is the force provided by the engine?
    F= MA F = 2000x4 = 8000N
  15. A lorry has a mass 12000 kg and the engine provides a force of 48000N what is its acceleration?
    F= ma a=F/m= 48000/12000 = 4m/s2
  16. Momentum =
    Mass x velocity
  17. Kinetic energy =
    1/2* m * v2
  18. Workdone =
    force x distance
  19. "What is the equation for force
    change in momentum and time "
  20. Which component is always put in parallel within the circuit?
  21. Which component is always put in series within the circuit?
  22. What is DC current
    Direct Current - Only flows in one direction
  23. What is an AC current
    Alternating current - constantly reverses direction.
  24. In a plug the blue wire is
  25. In a plug the green and yellow wire is the ..?
    Earth Wire
  26. In a plug the brown wire is the ...?
    Live Wire
  27. What is the equation relating power energy and time
    Power = energy/time
  28. What is the equation relating power current and potential different
    power = current x potential difference
  29. Charge =
    Current x time
  30. The unit of Charge is ...?
  31. Workdone=
    Force x distance
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