Chapter 11

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  1. the condition of the atmosphere at any given moment in a particular area
  2. air temperature,air pressure,and humidity all determine
  3. the pulling of cool air from the water that replces the rising warmer air over the land creates a local wind called a
    sea breeze
  4. the movement of air from land to water creates a local wind called a
    land breeze
  5. are caused by unequal heating of the earth
    local winds
  6. the curve of winds due to Earth's rotation
    Coriolis Effect
  7. the doldrums and horse latitudes
    global calm areas
  8. where the weather is greatly affected
    The westerlies and polar easterlies
  9. is a very large collection of air that has uniform temperature, humidity, and air pressure
    air mass
  10. the boundary where air masses meet
  11. bodies of air that have different tempatures also have different
    densities and air preasure
  12. faster moving warm air collides with a body of cold air and causes the warm air to rise above the cold air
    warm front
  13. an advancing cold air mass collides with slow-moving warm air and causes the cold air to sink under the warm air
    cold front
  14. what are lines that that show areas with similar air pressure
  15. a wind that changes direction with the change of seasons and which usally brings heavy rain fall
  16. are classified by their temperature and humidity
    air masses
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