Medical Terminology Musculoskeletal

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  1. coxa
    hip joint
  2. lamino
  3. chondr
  4. carp
  5. myel
    spinal cord/bone marrow
  6. my
  7. cost
  8. sprane
    twisted joints affects the ligament
  9. strane
    injury of the muscle
  10. kyphosis
    hunch back
  11. arthritis
    iflammation of joint
  12. osteoarthritis
    inflammation of bone and joint
  13. herniated disk
    slipped disk, pitchs the nerve and cause pain
  14. paraplegia
    paralysis of lower part of the body/ waist down
  15. scoliosis
    abnormal lateral curvature of spine
  16. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of bone and bone marrow
  17. muscular dystrophy
    genetic disorder mostly in boys, muscle is replace by fat and fibres tissue. progressive muscle disorder, effects skeletal muscle and smooth muscle
  18. gout
    disfunction of metabolism of uric acid that result in deposit in the joint
  19. dislocation
    displacement of joint from its original position
  20. Paget's disease
    bone disease with unknow cause, strik at middle age to elderly, no treatment and bone is been destory
  21. osteoporosis
    bone tissue is lost and not replace, result in weak bone and fracture
  22. subluxation
    partial incomplete dislocation of a joint
  23. fracture open
    the broken bone pierces through the skin/compound fracture
  24. fracture closed
    broken bone where skin is intact
  25. amputation
    to cut off a body part
  26. bone grafting
    take bone from one part of the body to an injured part
  27. arthrodesis
    surgical fusion of a joint
  28. laminectomy
    removal of a vertebral
  29. meniscectomy
    removal of the menisces (c-shaped cartiage of the knee joint)
  30. arthroscopy
    viscual exam of joint through a scope
  31. myorrhaphy
    suture/sew of muscle
  32. electromyography(EMG)
    process of recording electrical activity of the muscle
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