Medical Terminology Gastrointestinal

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  1. bucc
  2. gloss
  3. col/enter
  4. proct
  5. cholangi
    bile duct
  6. anorexia
    loss of appetite
  7. bulimia
    eating disorder/binge eating with self induce vomting
  8. ascites
    accumulation of excess fluid in peritoneal cavity cause by heart, kidney failure or alcoholism
  9. cirrhosis
    chonoric degeneration of liver
  10. colic
    sean the first 4 months of life, actue abdominal pain, due to intestinal cramps, spasm with pain
  11. diverticulitis
    inflammation diverticulun (out parching of large intestinal wall)
  12. esophageal varices
    twist, enlarge vein of esophageal cause pain
  13. hemorrhoids
    dialated varciess of anius
  14. pyloric stenosis
    the narrowing of pyloric muscle (opening of the end of stomach)
  15. ulcer
    a wearing away/necrosis of the skin and membrane with sloughing of necrotic tissue, leaving an open sore
  16. irritable bowel syndrome
    abdominal increase of motility of small/large intestine. pain and dirreah
  17. gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    acid from the stomach backflow to the esophagus
  18. hernia
    protrusion of an organ/part of an organ through a structure that normally contains it
  19. diaphragmatic/hiatal hernia
    protrusion of sotmach containts into the chest area through opening in the diaphram
  20. umbilical hernia
    through the umbilical, usually in new born
  21. inguinal hernia
    through the fermoral/inguinal mostly men
  22. strangulated hernia
    protrusion through the hole and becomes twisted
  23. colostomy
    new opening of the colon
  24. colonoscopy
    visual exam of colon using scope
  25. anastamosis
    surgical joining of 2 parts together
  26. herniorrphaphy
    suture the hernia/putting it back
  27. cholecystectomy
    removal of the gall ballder
  28. ileostomy
    new opening of small intestine(ilieum) and the abdominal wall
  29. esophagogastroduodenoscopy
  30. parenteral hyperalimentation
    administration of nutrients by another route other than the stomach
  31. choleangiography
    process of recording of bile duct
  32. barium enema (lower GI)/barium swallow (upper GI)
    liquid filled with barium to view working of colon/ upper GI tract
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