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  1. 1st principle of sensory perception
    the type of stimulus is ecoded by the specific set of neurons in the brain`
  2. 2nd principle of sensory perception
    intensity of a stimulus is encoded by the frequency of action potentials reaching the brain

    • weak stimulus- small receptor potential- few action potential
    • strong stimulus- large receptor pot- many action potentials
  3. cochlea
    • central compartment
    • basilar
    • tectorial
  4. central compartment
    houses receptors and supporting structures that activate thosse receptors in response to sound vibrations
  5. basilar membrane
    has hair cells on top, cell bodies are toppled with hair like prokections to sense vibrations
  6. tectorial membrane
    helatinous structure that protrudes into central canal and some hares are embedded here
  7. process of light detection
    • cornea
    • aqueous humor
    • iris
    • pupik
    • lens
    • citreous humor
    • retina
    • choroid
    • sclera
  8. choroid
    helps nourish cells of retina
  9. sclera
    surrounds outter eyeball
  10. retina
    converts light energy to action potentials
  11. olfaction
    • detects airborn chemicals
    • binds to receptor protients on dendrites
    • dendrites on axon extend to bulb in brain
    • each receptor protien is specialized to specific molecule- causing olfactory neuron to produce a receptor pot
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