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  1. municipal solid waste
    Waste produced in homes, businesses, and schools.
  2. incineration
    The burning of solid waste
  3. leachate
    Polluted liquid produced by water passing through buried wastes in a landfill.
  4. sanitary landfill
    A landfill that holds nonhazardous waste such as municipal solid waste and construction debris.
  5. recycling
    The process of reclaiming and reusing raw materials
  6. biodegradable
    Capable of being broken down by bacteria and other decomposers.
  7. composting
    The process of helping biodegradable wastes to decompose naturally
  8. hazardous waste
    A material that can be harmful if it is not properly disposed of.
  9. groundwater
    Water stored in underground layers of soil and rock.
  10. pollutant
    A substance that causes pollution
  11. sewage
    The water and human wastes that are washed down sinks, toilets, and showers
  12. pesticide
    A chemical that kills crop-destroying organisms.
  13. sediments
    Particles of rock and sand
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