B737-General Aircraft

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  1. Which set of statements is correct for the outbound landing lights?

    a. Extend from outboard flap tracka fairing, and may be extended at any speed.

    b. Fixed to outboard flap track fairing, automatically adjust to flap position, operational limit 250 kts.

    c. Extend from outboard flap track fairing, cockpit switch controls beam angle, turn on at any operating speed.
  2. Which set of statements is correct regarding the taxi light?

    A. Mounted on nose wheel strut, points same as heading of aircraft, extinguishes automatically when gear retracted.

    B. Mounted on nose wheel strut, points in direction of nose wheel, extinguishes automatically when gear retracted.

    C. Mounted on nose wheel strut, points in direction of nose wheel, does not extinguish when gear retracted.
  3. The cockpit wheel well light switch and nose gear light switch on the external panel need to be in what position for the nose wheel lights to extinguish?
    Both switches must be OFF or NORM
  4. When are the batteries for the emergency lights system charged?
    When cockpit emergency lights switch is OFF or ARMED & aft attendant switch is NORMAL
  5. What does the ON position for the aft flight attendant emergency light switch do to the cockpit switch position?
    FA ON position overrides cockpit OFF or ARMED switch positions.
  6. What condition automatically activates the emergency exit lights with the cockpit switch in the ARMED position?
    Loss of No.1 DC bus
  7. What does the vertical red stripe on the nose gear doors indicate?
    Nose gear tow bar limit during towing or pushback
  8. TRUE or FALSE

    The external power receptacle contains a nose wheel well light switch. If this switch is turned ON, the nose wheel well light can still be turned off with the cockpit wheel well light switch.
  9. TRUE or FALSE

    With the flight attendant emergency exit light switch in the ON position, the cockpit switch is overridden.
  10. TRUE or FALSE

    The Emergency flashights at the forward and aft FA positions recharge from the #1 DC bus when the emergency lights switch is in the ARMED or OFF position.
  11. How do you recall all existing fault annunciations?
    Press either system fault annunciator light panel
  12. TRUE or FALSE

    The taxi light automatically extinguishes when the nose gear is retracted.
  13. How can individual mask compartments (PSU) be opened if the passenger cabin oxygen compartment (PSU) door fails to open automatically?
  14. What does an illuminated PASS OXY ON light on the aft overhead panel indicate?
    The passenger oxygen system has been activated
  15. The crew oxygen shutoff valve located behind the FO's seat must be open to provide:
    Oxygen pressure to the individual mask/regulators
  16. Oxygen flow from a crewmember's mask/regulator is indicated by:
    A yellow cross in the flow indicator
  17. What electrical power is necessary for the crew oxygen pressure gauge to display the bottle pressure?
    Battery Bus
  18. How many passenger maskes are available from each PSU in the cabin?
  19. When does the amber NOT ARMED light next to the emergency exit lights switch illuminate?
    When the emergency exit lights switch is OFF or ON and the aircraft is powered
  20. Which cockpit lights are powered from the battery bus?
    • MASTER CAUTION lights
    • Dome lights
    • Standby compass light
  21. TRUE or FALSE

    The wheel well lights switch on the cockpit overhead panel will turn off the wheel well lights if the exterior switches in the wheel wells are ON.
  22. At what speed may the landing lights be extended?
    At any speed
  23. TRUE or FALSE

    The nose wheel taxi light will automatically extinguish when the landing gear is retracted.
  24. TRUE or FALSE

    Opening an overwing emergency exit on the 737-300/500 causes the DOORS annunciator light in the cockpit to illuminate.
  25. TRUE or FALSE

    A portable oxygen bottle and full-face mask are in the cockpit of all 737-300 aircraft but not on the 737-500
  26. How many Protective Breathing Equipment hoods are required in the cockpit?
  27. How many minutes of oxygen does the PBE provide?
    15-30 minutes
  28. How many megaphones are installed on the 737-300/500?
  29. How many Emergency Locator Beacons are installed on an overwater equipped B737?
  30. TRUE or FALSE

    Crewmember life vest can only be inflated using CO2 cartridges?
  31. How are the entry/service door escape slides deployed and inflated?
    Automatically when the slide is ARMED and the door is opened, or manually with manual inflation handle.
  32. How are the emergency flashlights turned on?
    Automatically, when removed from mounting bracket.
  33. How can both early & later type lavatory smoke detectors be deactivated?
    Pull CB on P18-4
  34. How is an escape slide normally detached after a ditching?
    Pull quick release detachment handle and cut doorsill lannyard.
  35. The flashlights installed on the aircraft have rechargeable batteries that:
    Do not recharge from the aircraft electrical system.
  36. Where is the potable water tank quantity indicator located?
    Over the aft right service door.
  37. Where is the potable water exterior service panel located on the classic aircraft?
    On the aft left fuselage.
  38. Which cockpit light illuminates with emergency exit lights?
    An additional bulb in the aft dome light.
  39. Where does pneumatic pressure for the potable water come from?
    The left pneumatic manifold
  40. The DOORS light panel on the cockpit overhead panel has warning lights for all of the doors except which?
    The overwing exits
  41. When the FA removes the red indicator from across the door window it is a signal that the slide is what?
  42. Where is the External Water Service panel located?
    Lower left side of the aft fuselage.
  43. The cargo compartments are sealed and pressurized. How is equal pressure maintained with the cabin?
    Pressure equalization valves
  44. The lavatory under-sink water heater has control switch to turn it ON or OFF. What turns the heater off if the heating element is too hot?
    Overheat protection circuit
  45. Where are the white strobe lights located?
    Each wing tip and on the fuselage tailcone.
  46. What does the red light flashing on the emergency flashlight indicate?
    That it is operational.
  47. Which position of the Position Lights switch can power the lights from the aircraft Battery Bus?
  48. Normal electric power is on the aircraft. With the FA emergency light switch in NORMAL and the cockpit Emergency Light switch OFF, the NOT ARMED light illuminates and the batteries______.
    Will continue to be charged.
  49. Where is the sensor for the CREW OXYGEN pressure indicator?
    Between the mask regulator and the flight deck shutoff valve.
  50. What is the minimum CREW OXYGEN system pressure for dispatch?
    Check Minimum Dispatch Pressure chart FM section "1" or QRH.
  51. What is the indication of crew oxygen flow?
    Yellow cross flow indicator "blinks"
  52. How is the crew oxygen pressure extablished at the mask regulator?
    When the storage box left door is opened as the mask is released from storage box.
  53. How is the oxygen shut off to the crew mask when it is not stowed in the storage box?
    Close the left storage box door and slide the RESET/TEST slide lever to RESET.
  54. Where is the flight crew oxygen shutoff valve located?
    Next to the CB panels behind FO's seat.
  55. What is the source of PAX OXY?
    Chemical generator in each PSU.
  56. How is PAX OXY activated after the PSU doors open?
    By pulling down on any mask to flow oxygen to all 4 masks in that PSU.
  57. Once activated, how long does PSU operate?
    Flow lasts approximately 12 minutes and cannot be shut off.
  58. How is activation of the passenger oxygen system indicated?
    PASS OXY ON OVERHEAD annunciator & MASTER CAUTION lights illuminate.
  59. TRUE or FALSE

    The passenger cabin portable oxygen bottles with attached masks will protect the FA's from smoke in the cabin.
  60. Once activated, can a passenger oxygen generating canister be shut off?
  61. Will the passenger oxygen system protect the passengers from smoke in the passenger cabin?
  62. How are the oxygen system Passenger Service Unit doors released?
  63. Can the crew oxygen mask microphone be tested without removing the mask from its storage compartment?
  64. At what cabin altitude will a pressure switch automatically activate the PSU door opening solenoids?
  65. TRUE or FALSE


    Oxygen Mask & regulators (if required) ON 100%
  66. TRUE or FALSE

    ANY aircraft equipment malfuntion after the aircraft leaves the gate requires a return to the gate for maintenance and re-dispatch.
  67. Which CB(s) does the MEL prohibit resetting?
    • Fuel boost pump
    • Fuel quantity indication
    • Lavatory flush motor
  68. MEL D's must be repaired within?
    120 days after the day of discovery.
  69. When must aircraft coded "ER" in the MEL be operative?
    If the aircraft is dispatched for extended range ops
  70. If an item of equipment listed in the MEL becomes inoperative at an airport that does not have Continental maintenance....
    Continental Maintenance Control must determine that no MX action other than positiong switches or pulling CB's is required.
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