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    • What physiologic changes take place during the 3rd trimester? How does is affect dosing?
    • Renal blood flow is doubled and renal excretion is accelerated. Therefore you have increased excretion so you need to increase your dose!
  2. What happens during pregnancy to the bowels?
    The tone and mobility of bowel decreases, therefore it increases absorption. Decrease dose!!
  3. Third trimester dosing vs. mobility of bowel decrease results in what?
    They both cancel each other out, therefore you would leave the dosage of a drug the same.
  4. How can Heparin affect the fetus?
    Causes Osteoporosis
  5. What can prostaglandins do to the fetus?
    Stimulate uterine contraction
  6. How can pain relievers affect fetus?
    May depress respiration in the new born
  7. When is the most dangerous time to take a drug during pregnancy?
    1st trimester (weeks 3-18)
  8. What should you teach women of child bearing age?
    Treat their bodies as if they were pregnant. -take Folic Acid
  9. Classic teratogenic exposure?
    • Day 31-81 from LMP
    • (based on 28 day cycle)
  10. If a pregnant woman was having constipation what would you advise her to do?
    • Drink warm juice
    • Increase fiber
  11. If a pregnant woman has nausea what would you inform her to do?
    • Ginger
    • Hard Candies
  12. If a pregnant woman was having muscle pain what would you instruct her to do?
    Hot & Cold Therapies
  13. Category A drugs in pregnancy?
    Nothing falls under this category
  14. Category B drugs during pregnancy?
    the Best 👍

    no risk in animals/humans according to studies
  15. Category C drugs in pregnancy?
    use Caution ⚠

    • 2/3 of all meds
    • animal studies show risk
  16. Category D drugs in pregnancy?

    evidence of human risk
  17. Category X drugs during pregnancy?
    ❌ these off your list!

    fetal abnormalities likely
  18. What are some ways that you can decrease passing a drug to an infant?
    • -Take drug immediately after breast feeding
    • -avoid drugs with long half-life
    • -choose drugs that tend to be excluded from milk
  19. Age requirements for Peds patient?
    16 and younger
  20. Peds Patients and drugs?
    • More sensitive to drugs
    • Show greater individual variation
    • Sensitive due to immature organ system
  21. Oral administration in infants?
    Gastric motility doesn't mature until age 2
  22. What type of administration should you not use on an infant?
    Per cutaneous
  23. Distribution in infants?
    Blood-brain barrier isn't developed therefor you have CNS side effects
  24. What type of cream should you not use on an infant?
    Cortisone Cream
  25. Immaturity of organs puts infants at risk for what response(s)?
    More intense response or a prolonged response
  26. Children metabolize drugs faster until what age?
  27. Dosing in infants?
    • Under 1 = Lower
    • Over 1 = Higher
  28. Glucocorticoids could cause what adverse effect in children?
    Growth Suppression
  29. Tetracyclines could cause what adverse effect in children?
    Discolored Teeth
  30. Sulfonamides could cause what adverse effect in children?
    • Kernicterus
    • Jaundice
  31. Aspirin could cause what adverse effect in children?
    Reye's Syndrome
  32. Fluroquinolones could cause what adverse effects in children?
    Tendon Rupture
  33. Dosing in children is best based on what?
    Body Surface Area (BSA)
  34. When should a fever cease after the first administration of an antibiotic?
    72 hours
  35. When would you expect to see an adverse reaction to an immunization?
    A few days afterwards
  36. Symptom of whooping cough (pertussis)?
    • Gasping Cough
    • (infants are vulnerable)
  37. Symptoms of Measles?
    • Koplik spots (bright red spots in throat)
    • URI professing to serious disease
  38. Where is H. Flu prominent in? And why is it such a concern?
    Prominent in bacterial ear 👂 infections

    Meningitis is a great concern because it could develop into it.
  39. Symptoms of Rotovirus?
    Gastroenteritis with profound diarrhea and vomiting that causes severe dehydration
  40. Symptoms of Influenza?
    A respiratory illness with a rapid onset, fever, general malaise - muscle aches
  41. Before giving a patient a flu vaccination what should you make sure they aren't allergic to?
  42. What is the most effective way to treat?
    Immunity!! Therefor staying up to date on vaccines.
  43. Symptoms of small pox?
    • Pustules all in the same phase
    • Mild Respiratoy Illness
    • Fever
  44. Who would get the inactivated flu vaccine?
    • Pregnant women
    • Chemo Patients
    • Inmunocompromised pts
  45. Adverse Effects of Immunizations: Mild
    • (expected) >25%
    • -Low grade fever
    • -Injection site irritation
    • -Fussiness
  46. Adverse Effects of Immunizations: Moderate
    High Grade Temp
  47. Adverse Effects of Immunizations: Severe
    • Allergic Reaction
    • Guillane Barre
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