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  1. 1. all of the following EXCEPT___ Invaded the Roman Empore, Contributing to it's ultimate downfall.
    a. Huns
    b. Franks
    c. Vandals
    d. Goths
    e. Mongols
  2. 2. In 325 the Emperor Constantine convened a Counsil in ___ to determine consistent Christian doctrine.
    a. Malta
    b. Constantinople
    c. Jerusalem
    d. Nicaea
    e. Antioch
  3. 3. The so-called 'Sleepless Emperor' who allowed considerable power to his wife Theodora, was:
    a. Onstantine
    b. Maximus
    c. Justinian
    d. Belisarius
    e. Kentarchiai
  4. 4. Byzantine Themes were led by a military governor with the title of:
    a. Strategos
    b. Tourmai
    d. Banda
    e. Kentarchiai
  5. 5. Because of it's trade value the Bysantines stole the technology for produsing:
    a. Frankincense
    b. Silk
    c. Myrrh
    d. Pepper
    e. Kentarchiai
  6. 6. Over their protests, the Patriarchs of all the followeing EXCEPT were forced to accept subordination to the Orthodox Church in Constantinople (Byzantium)
    a. Antioch
    b. Jerusalem
    c. Rome
    d. Athens
    e. Alexandria
  7. 7. In 325 the counsil of Nicaea outlawed____ Christianity
    a. Roman
    b. Nestorian
    c. Arian
    d. Protestant
    e. Coptic
  8. 8. Saint___, embodied the ida of Christian asceticism by sitting atop a pillar for years, as penitents came to him for intercession and assistance
    a. Simeon
    b. Basil
    c. Benedict
    d. Cyril
    e. Methodius
  9. 9. In the year 1054 Othodox Patriarch and Roman Pope excommunicate each other and the followers of their respective churches, known in history as the Great___
    a. Falling Out
    b. Divide
    c. Opposition
    d. Iconoclasm
    e. Schism
  10. 10. Normans from Scandinavia attacked the Byzantine Empire capturing parts of:
    a. Greece
    b. Spain
    c. France
    d. Italy
    e. Egypt
  11. 11. The Sljunks were invaders taht originated from
    a. Arabia
    b. Central Asia
    c. Egypt
    d. Bulgaria
    e. Persia
  12. 12. All of the following associations of European geography with germanic invades is correct EXCEPT:
    a. Spain: Visigoths
    b. Italy: Ostrogoths
    c. Gaul: Burgundians, Franks
    d. Britan: Celts, Sythians
    e. Italy: Lombards
  13. 13. ___Significantly effected history whe he defeated the invading Moorish Muslim armies at the Battle of Tours in 732.
    a. Clovis
    b. Charles Martel
    c. Charlemagne
    d. Louis the Pious
    e. Lothair
  14. 14. to fend off the Viking invasions, King___ 'The Great' unified the Celtic Angles and Germaic Saxons of England
    a. Alfred
    b. Charles
    c. Louis
    d. Otto
    e. Carol
  15. 15. The livelihood of the Central Asian nobadic peoples was dependant on:
    a. Wheat
    b. Rice
    c. Barley
    d. Millet
    e. Grass
  16. 16. The Turkic-Uigher peoples eventually converted to:
    a. Islam
    b. Manichaeism
    c. Jdaism
    d. Arianisum
    e. Buddhism
  17. 17. The Tartar Khanate of the Golden Horde exerted long fudal dominance over ___, delaing it's development into a modern state.
    a. persia
    b. India
    c. Russia
    d. China
    e. Iraq
  18. 18. The mongols established thier rulling 'Ilkhanate' in
    a. India
    b. Persia
    c. Turkey
    d. Syria
    e. Egypt
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